Intermercurial Vulcan and Veiled Planets in Occult Philosophy

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The occult philosophy asserts the existence of invisible and veiled planets, and shadow worlds. This letter asserts the existence of a veiled astronomical body in the orbit of Mercury.

It is best to say, “believed,” because we do not know ourselves. We are simply writing what is asserted in the letter. It is stated, that another astronomical body is near the Sun “in the orbit of Mercury.”

A.P.S. (14) Could any other planets besides those known to modern astronomy (I do not mean mere planetoids) be discovered by physical instruments if properly directed?
K.H: (14) They must be. Not all of the Intra-Mercurial planets, nor yet those in the orbit of Neptune are yet discovered, though they are strongly suspected. We know that such exist and where they exist; and that there are innumerable planets “burnt out” they say, — in obscuration we say; — planets in formation and not yet luminous, etc. But then “we know” is of little use to science, when the Spiritualists will not admit our knowledge. (K.H., The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter no. 23b.)

As to the seven sacred planets of ancient astronomy, known to the Initiates, The Mahatma Letters and the Secret Doctrine includes:

  1. Mars;
  2. Mercury;
  3. Venus;
  4. Jupiter;
  5. Saturn‡;
  6. A mystery, or obscured planet
    • An invisible intra-mercurial named Vulcan by Urbain Le Verrier near the Sun) {and the Sun veils this “Vulcan,” the Fire-god, supposedly within the orbit of Mercury}. Vulcan is presently not fully physical. “The Sun The Giver of Life physically, Spiritually and Esoterically, the substitute for the inter-Mercurial Planet, a sacred and secret planet with the ancients.” (Helena P. Blavatsky)
  7. Another veiled planet with a retrograde motion, near the moon
    • Behind the moon gradually dying‘—H.P.B., The Inner Group Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky). The moon (a substitute), the Sun (not a planet, but the “Father” of Vulcan, the “‘Father‘ of the Pharisees”), and the Earth (a substitute), was never considered among the seven sacred planets, to the ancient initiates, nor the Tibetan occultists. This system of sacred seven planets, according to the Mysteries, do not mean what they’ve come to be interpreted by the historians of science.

They are sacred in the esotericism, according to their special degree of influence upon, and connection with our earth, and our humanity (see Blavatsky, Collected Writings, Vol. 10., pg. 341). “It is the same in the Eastern Esoteric Philosophy, which, however, adds that the Sun is not a planet, but the central star of our system, and the Moon a dead planet, from which all the principles are gone, both being substitutes, the one for an invisible inter-Mercurial planet, and the other for a planet which seems to have now altogether disappeared from view.”


Theosophy teaches that one of the sacred planets has its orbit between Mercury, the innermost planet recognized by astronomers, and the sun. For long ages this planet has been invisible to us but in future, as we grow in spiritual perception, it may become more visible. It is claimed to have been observed once by the French country doctor and amateur astronomer Lescarbault on March 28, 1859. The French astronomer Le Verrier investigated 50 sightings whereof he considered 6 to be reliable. In 1878 U.S. astronomers also saw a dark body transiting the face of the sun. Many astronomers now dispute these sightings, attributing them to asteroids which occasionally transit the sun. However, other evidence, such as perturbations of the orbit of Mercury, suggests that there may indeed be an intramercurial planet, one of the many invisible worlds of the solar universe postulated by theosophy.” (Andrew Rooke)

“Q. Can you tell us something of the planets for which the Sun and the Moon were substitutes?
A. There is no secret in it, though our modern astrologers are ignorant of these planets. One is an intra-mercurial planet, which is supposed to have been discovered, and named by anticipation Vulcan, and the other a planet with a retrograde motion, sometimes visible at a certain hour of night and apparently near the moon. The occult influence of this planet is transmitted by the moon.”

Q. What is it that made these planets sacred or secret?
A. Their occult influences, as far as I know.” (Helena Blavatsky, Collected Writings, Vol. 10, pg. 341)

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