Dreaming of a New Western Renaissance

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We’re running a full-sail campaign to vindicate the causes, that have historically fought for the same values and principles we hold and cherish. If not to vindicate, then atleast, show sides of characters and history; and to bring their different historical causes into one formidable ideal for the present century. I will work for the long-run. I refuse to let Theosophy die, and will look to see, what to produce, that is needed to be known. My discovery at a young age, already enthused in the study of Mythology sent me on a long path, to learn more about Classical Antiquity, and one day in later time regained my interest. I am a student, like you, simply learning. The goal, without hesitation, I declare to be for a new Renaissance; and the collecting of good minds, and artists, as those before us sought to do. Prejudices of men, may be aplenty, but we’re pushing forward.


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