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Pope Pius XIII Gives an Amazing Speech to the Cardinals | The Young Pope

Pope Pius XIII, or Lenny is played by Jude Law in The Young Pope (mini-series, 2016). He gives an amazing speech to the cardinals. The sad thing about “The Young Pope” is that I wish such a man was the present Catholic Pope. Such a man is exactly needed at this time, and I commend the scriptwriters. The very human take is similar to FOX’s Lucifer, currently in its second Season. There is a scene where he is asked by a more liberal priest, because — he is like a radical ultra-conservative — if he chose the name “Pius,” symbolically to reference other certain controversial Pius’. The “diabolical speech” could be seen another way, especially when he points to the small door. If you have not seen the mini-series yet just know this scene is even better when you have the context of scandal and events within the chambers against the Pope leading up to the speech to the cardinals, and after Pius XIII (Jude Law) speaks, and makes them kiss his feet. Without the context it makes the series character seem diabolical in an evil way, but the diabolical genius of his plan, and of his inner conflict, and faith won me over.


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