Oswald Mosley on the Beginnings of “Multiracialism” in British Society and Cheap Labor

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“It is childish nonsense to say that a British Government rules Britain. It’s nothing to do with British Government or the British People!”

Oswald Mosley is not being used here as dog-whistle propaganda, since I myself am non-European. Simply written off as a Fascist, by those not of our influence, Sir Mosley was quite a different intellectual and man of action, and I value his thoughts, and especially here, a genuine concern regarding in his time, of exploitative political and economic forces.

Oswald Mosley was founder of the British Union of Fascists ‘32 in the United Kingdom. He lived in the time when Europe began to promote multiracialism, which is of particular interest, and who he blames. He critiques the underlying economic and finance powers, and how the exploitation of peoples used as cheap labor ruined European Civilization and has nothing to do with ‘Brotherhood.’ Oswald Mosley notes, that in his time, they called it “multiracialism.” Within my own experience, it is very strange I have to watch your British shows, and see British immigrants debating your native inhabitants about your identity, saying — “you have no identity?” You do, and there could be no moral and cultural regeneration without understanding that, nor expressing it in its highest, and noblest examples who exhibited, or aimed at the same thing as we do. Both of you should accomplish this together, by exemplifying the highest thought, and moral you have this far developed, and then some.

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