Ten-Point Summary of Doctrinal Positions on Life and Evolution

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Ten-Point Summation

According to “The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett.

“Nothing in nature springs into existence suddenly, all being subjected to the same law of gradual evolution. Realize but once the process of the maha-cycle, of one sphere and you have realized them all. One man is born like another man, one race evolves, develops, and declines like another and all other races. Nature follows the same groove from the “creation” of a universe down to that of a moskito. In studying esoteric cosmogony, keep a spiritual eye upon the physiological process of human birth; proceed from cause to effect.” (Morya, The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, 1882, no. 13)

Generally, the whole evolutionary process is described as being cyclical, from every life-organism to the universe itself. The letters express in its exposition of the ‘Occult Philosophy,’ several ideas, that may be summed up in ten-points:

(i) The existence of after-death states (the nature of states, conditions, and the process in detail);
(ii) Intelligences of varying degree (includes the sub-atomic world);
(iii) The non-existence of “God,” or they assert the Universe is “God-less”;
(iv) Life goes through an evolutionary and involutionary process — having high-points and down-points in its development, ascending and descending arcs within the Great Cycle of life (includes trans-migration or re-incarnation);
(v) High intelligence and spirituality (or spiritual intelligence) is not defined by the material progress of a civilisation, but concerns the development of the inner man;
(vi) The contention in other life-bearing worlds;
(vii) That nature is apart of an infinite web of causal interplay;
(viii) Space consists of a structure varying in ranges of inter-penetrating energy-substance, and a super-unified force or protean element manifesting itself under various forms of energy;
(ix) Space is the one reality, a living organism, under a unity of forces, possessing countless phenomenal universes and worlds;
(x) There is a link between all matter to its root-essence in the fullness of that space.

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