Is Helena Blavatsky a Prophetess of Modern Theosophy?

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Is Helena Blavatsky a kind of oracular sage, or medium, or prophetess of Theosophy? Why quote her, and defend her many times? This provides some sparring and very definite answers.

Some thinkers, have dismissed her, and tried distancing themselves from her, just to make their own work appear unique, when we know, so much of the pseudo-intellectualism in modern spirituality, is the consequence of palming-off many theosophical notions and terms, and exaggerating them. We however, have shown respect towards her work, demonstrating the gulf in the difference between her and those variants. This may give the false impression, that we hold only her opinions and system to the highest echelons, but this is not the case.

While, it is true to emphasize, that H.P.B. was the “direct agent” and “mutual female friend,” it is claimed, of a Trans-Himalayan¹ brotherhood, this in no way should be construed to signify her to be a religious prophetess or oracular goddess sent out to the world, like a prophet. She is like an emissary, or special envoy. ‘The Movement’ was given much life and vibrancy by her and persistent writings and literature. If a so-called Theosophist is telling you about her, as if she is a prophet, they’re lying. Theosophical organizations build around them an annual celebration of her. It is cultish. In the same manner, we never speak of “the Masters” in the same tone, preferring to just refer to them as the text explains, and as men. We need not always defend Helena Blavatsky, but because the name Theosophy is so attached now to her and the 1875 Theosophical Society, we must include her. Some people may not smile at this, but we are doing our own thing, and it is best to avoid any logic that resembles tendencies in religious thought, i.e., placing characters at the centre of history. Helena Blavatsky was a very resourceful woman. It was said she would keep little papers of quotes.

She brought her work.

What about yours, Academician?

What will be of your writing legacy?

Not once, does she ever claim to possess a full knowledge of all she is explaining, or that we are forced to accept anything. However, what she elucidates, is sufficient, and we are thankful, to make due with what there is, to help lead to further research. She is still very important within the history of the Theosophical Movement.

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