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Liberating Theosophy from the Roerich Legacy: The Roerichs and Agni Yoga

About the Theosophy and Agni Yoga article on the Roerichs, Agni Yoga and its differences from Theosophy.

A decision was made not to include this passage from Nicholas Roerich without commentary or checking his works. The Roerichs seem to have the terrible habit of hardly ever providing source material, and like Alice Bailey and Charles Leadbeater, the reader is forced to rely solely on their authoritative and poetic statements.

For all we know, it could be merely Nicholas Roerich writing this; although, it is true, that the Kuthumpas (disciples of Koot-hoomi) existed, based mainly near Lahaul and Ladakh in the Trans-Himalayan region of the Karakoram. There was a website a few years ago, no longer to be found, of Kuthumpa medicine healers.

Nicholas Roerich, supposing he had this discussion, asks a Lama:

“. . . Lama, have you met Azaras (i.e., Sk. ācāryas) and Kuthumpas? (…)”

“(…) Many of our people during their lives have encountered the Azaras and Kuthumpas and the snow people who serve them. Only recently have the Azaras ceased to be seen in cities. They are all gathered in the mountains. Very tall, with long hair and beards, they appear outwardly like Hindus (…) The Kuthumpas are no longer seen now. Previously they appeared quite openly in the Tsang district and at Manasarowar, when the pilgrims went to holy Kailàsa. Even the snow people are rarely seen now. The ordinary person, in his ignorance, mistakes them for apparitions. There are profound reasons why, just now, the Great Ones do not appear so openly. My old teacher told me much of the wisdom of the Azaras. We know several places where these Great Ones dwelt, but for the moment these places are deserted. Some great reason, great mystery!”

“Lama, then it is true that the Ashrams have been moved from the vicinity of Shigatse?”

“This mystery must not be uttered. I already said that the Azaras may no longer be found in Tsang. (…) The great Azaras [or ācāryas] who know the Teachings of India, know the origin of Kalachakra. They know vast things which, when they will be revealed to help humanity, will completely regenerate life! (…) This Teaching of Kalachakra, this utilization of the primary energy, has been called the Teaching of Fire. The Hindu people know the great Agni – ancient teaching though it be, it shall be the new teaching for the New Era. (…) One of your priests once asked me, ‘Are not the Kabala and Shambhala parts of the one teaching?’ He asked, ‘Is not the great Moses an initiate of the same teaching and a follower of its very laws?’ We may assert one thing only — Each teaching of truth, each teaching of the high principle of life, issues from the one source (…) Many Buddhist images upon the rocks find their origins in teachings which long antedated the Blessed One. Yet they also symbolize the same high Essence (…)” (Nicholas Roerich, Shambhala (1930), pp. 16-17; 28-29.)

Yes, atleast in this text, this same high Essence is a central doctrine. From the ākāśa, the eternal FIRE buried in the human heart, the secret of the “spark” links man with its undifferentiated eternal nature and power. The Roerichs however do teach this sacred fire to be harnessed in ways diametrically opposite to what Theosophists say. Helena Roerich claimed to have been in contact with K.H. through séance. Yet again, even though the real K.H. stated, they never and would never communicate through such means of séance, and warn against it.

“Consequently unless the Clairvoyant or SEER can get beyond this plane of illusion [i.e., includes the Astral], he can never see the Truth, but will be drowned in an ocean of self-deception and hallucinations.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, pg. 94-96)

In the art of spiritual dupery, so many claim to be in the cloudlands, even after only just begun meditation, or through chemicals, and think they have seen the “light of God,” and purport to be flooded with the Spirit. Thus, in some is born their God-complex, the fate and mistake of Narcissus. Mental delusions, and astral intoxication are several things still taken into account by theosophists, even outside of the physicalist theory, with consciousness placed in Nature. Then, in the physical sciences, we must consider neurochemical imbalances, and psycho-somatic factors, from stress and manipulation on the brain lobes and nervous system. There are rules, and a system of checks and balances among these Buddhist logicians and esotericists as well, that goes ignored and unstudied, as opposed to “alternative” schools claiming anything.

It seems the Roerichs were drowned in deception and hallucination, while they shunned Foster and Alice Bailey. Now, this is a hilarious expose from the Blavatsky Theosophy Study Group in the U.K. Gullibility was an unfortunate tendency of the minds drawn toward teachings claiming to be that of a “New Era,” whether of “Christ,” Aquarius, or Shambala. It is another matter, in sorting out the differences between the early Theosophists and the Baileys and Roerichs, but the Theosophical Movement is blamed for things these organizations say.

Protect and revive the true Theosophy; and help the Russian brethren and Eurasianists see to it, that amongst them linger certain delusions, and not to be gullible. The Eastern Orthodox Church lied about the Theosophical Society as an arm of the Masons. The ‘Theosophical Movement’ in Russia is dead, in places tainted by the Roerich legacy and overly-feverish romantic utopianism about a “New Age” and Church Unity, and the Traditionalist School.

† When finished, read the one smart-mouthed comment below in Theosophy and Agni Yoga. Perhaps, they could be speaking of the Roerichs, but their name seems Russian. Like Scientologists, lots of antagonizers cowardly hide in various ranks of these branches and organizations, and only speak of unity to consolidate power and spread ignorance. They ignore absurdities and inconsistencies in the literature, especially post-1890’s. People that leave comments like that, are haters, and can’t bring themselves to promote their cookie-cutter version of Theosophy online; but they hide in forums and under nasty or sly comments. Probably was a Roerich or Bailey troll. It is very unfortunate, that the Theosophical Movement, a fight against dogmatic thinking, victims to the same psychology, refuses to analyze the hard facts. Theosophy is not a buffet. This is how organizations get infiltrated.

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