The Virtue of Liberty and the Intellectual Fire

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American Politics & Heritage, Culture, Folklore & Mythology

If we’re luciferians, the entire ‘American Order’ is luciferian, being principally based on the virtue of Liberty. You want to destroy that? With that being said, still the paradox of liberty in the Enlightenment has some negative downsides in the liberal democratic experiment. But truly, all the light-gods of antiquity are quite embodied in that single statue of Lady Liberty of Staten Island, New York in the U.S.

There are those who think they are smart in finding out.

The occasional ‘Anti-Mason’, yes…

Ironically, if you were truly intent on conserving the American order, you would attend to and protect that ancient-principle of the light-god — the INTELLECTUAL FIRE: the sacred spark of consciousness.

The fire of intellect and intelligence…Liberty of mind, of Thought is most vital to us! 

Jean Leon Gerome

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