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Jared Taylor on White Identity and “What the Founders Really Thought About Race”

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance describes the racial thinking of the Founding Fathers and of other great Americans. Since colonial times and until the mid-20th century, Americans had a vivid sense of the significance of race, and took it for granted that the United States must always be firmly rooted in Europe. Mr. Taylor warns that today’s egalitarian, multicultural orthodoxies are a dangerous departure from the more thoughtful views that shaped our country. Although, not in agreement with the main concerns of Jared Taylor, to that last sentence, I am of similar thought.

We want to handle the American Alt-Right, and the European Identitarians differently than the Liberals and Progressives have reacted, which we have observed. The idea we have is different for the country, and the author is in disagreement with the Euro-American Identitarian movement, finding them to be political subversives. The Alt-Right presents a challenge, that should be met in the literary and journalistic department with brutal fact-fighting, and the ability to construct new solutions. The policy of disengagement and censoring going on is not a solution. What I want you, as my reader to get comfortable with is deeply confronting and engaging with the logic and arguments of the Political and Religious Right, and the Alt-Right (Constantin von Hoffmeister – Secret America: Defining America as a Race-Based Republic), as I have in my life; and precisely because of our differences, and very few others are doing it.

“What the Founders Really Thought About Race”

Conceived in White Nationalism

This CNN Interview of Jared Taylor on White Identity demonstrates why Jared Taylor wins Debates, because his Interviewers aren’t prepared

Sara Sidner of CNN interviewed Jared Taylor about why whites voted for Trump, racial differences in IQ, hate crime hoaxes, racial nationalism, and what whites could face as a minority.

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