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Asfa-Wossen Asserate: ‘To preserve Europe, we must save Africa’

Ethiopian-German Asfa-Wossen Asserate (distant relative of Haile Selassie I) on the migrant crisis offers perspective, differing from that of the far-right in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

“Africa is a hot topic. It is high time.”

The purpose for this is to observe the difference from Asserate’s perspective and approach from the new right, or far-right ideologues. Ethiopian-German political analyst and finance consultant Asfa-Wossen Asserate says that Africa’s rulers are promoting migration, and not properly utilizing development funds from other nations to help their people. Instead, they are treating the funds as their private fortunes. Asserate, who is in fact the great nephew of the last Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I believes that there’s only way to stop this — European states must stand together, and stop cooperating with these dictators. I think Asserate’s perspective is wise and exemplary, and I considered his perspective to be in line with our theosophical values and understanding of people, and how I approach the issue.

This is the main reason for showing this interview of Asserate, not as an example of political correctness and nicety, but with dimension in perspective to find the root causes, rather than lazy explanations built on conspiracy. This is against the idea, that to be for Europe, to work for its regeneration and success necessitates a move to political extremities, or necessitates the kind of sometimes, sociopathic behavior and sensationalist populism, so we can face a realistic issue with real solutions, and real human-beings.

A man of dignity, he is the type of mind our country needs in our administrations.

Speaking on his book, Manieren, he was asked what he considers manners, and he replies:

“Consideration for others; that you don’t place yourself in the center, but always think of those around you as the center of events.”

Thomas Spahn: “Even if people see Africa as the lost continent, my Africa means to me?”
Asserate: “My life, my ideals, and above all, something we Africans have to fight for everyday, to defeat our worst enemy — which is TRIBALISM.”

Asfa-Wossen Asserate: If Germany really wants to help Africa… (DW Article)

“On the one hand, Germany should keep its traditional culture of welcoming. On the other, it should face the reality of the root causes of migration and flight: the biggest exporters of migrants on this planet are the African tyrants who don’t offer their own people opportunities to lead a decent life in their own countries. Thanks to Western appeasement policies over the last 50 years, those dictators are supported by subsidies coming out of European taxpayers’ pockets.

If Africa is to have a future, Europe first of all has to bid farewell to its disastrous economic and trade policies. It must, once and for all, stop subsidizing its agricultural industry at the expense of developing countries. It must, finally, push for effective international measures against worldwide landgrabbing which deprives the world’s poor countries of their most valuable asset – arable land. Africa needs a broadly based sponsorship of rural agriculture and a ban on imported “dumping” products which undercut local food producers.”

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