Politics and Occult Philosophy: The Phrygian Cap and E Pluribus Unum

The American is not known for Wisdom, but our stupidity, and weight-size. Yet Americans sport on capitol and city architectures the remembrance of the ancient gods and goddesses, deifying founders, soldiers and warriors. The symbols, aesthetics, and ideals have their origin in Greece, Britain, France, Rome, Spain, and Egypt. Republicanism, truly in action, can only (and must) give birth to a wise, virtuous People. It’s an appallingly disgraceful misuse of those ideas and symbolism that represented the noblest heights of those ancient national cultures — of Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia. The ancient philosophies and outlooks we recognize must be hence as inherent to the national life, as much as its dominant Protestant, and Secular side.

The Liberty Cap represents Liberty, Minerva, God’s Intelligence (Theosophia, Divine Wisdom). It is a recurring and central symbol of republicanism, known otherwise as the Phrygian or Mithraic hat, or “red cap of liberty,” worn since the time of ancient Abrahamic priesthoods, and seen donned in art by Mithra and Hermes, symbolizing the sacred acts of Initiation, Sacrifice, Liberty, Revolution, Enlightenment, and Brotherhood.

“In every age, its device has been, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” with constitutional government, law, order, discipline, and subordination to legitimate authority–government and not anarchy. But it is neither a political party nor a religious sect. It braces all parties and all sects, to form from among them all a vast fraternal association. It recognizes the dignity of human nature, and man’s right to such freedom as he is fitted for; and it knows nothing that should place one man below another, except ignorance, debasement, and crime, and the necessity of subordination to lawful will and authority. It is philanthropic; for it recognizes the great truth that all men are of the same origin, have common interests, and should co-operate together to the same end.” (Albert Pike. 1871. Morals and Dogma, pp. 220-221. see General Albert Pike on a Good Mason and Deeds)

The motto of the American Republic E Pluribus Unum, a Nation of Nations (Out of One we are Many), was yes, originally the motto of the Thirteen Colonies; but it is essentially a Masonic, Kabbalistic, Platonic, Pythagorean (or rather occult meta-mathematical) idea about Cosmic Origins, the Absolute, and the very purpose of Fraternity.

The idea of the one from the many is from ancient theology and cosmology. Helena Blavatsky explains in The Secret Doctrine:

“The latter figure, along with the plane cube and circle, are more eloquent and scientific descriptions of the order of the evolution of the Universe, spiritual and psychic, as well as physical, than volumes of descriptive Cosmogonies and revealed “Geneses.” The ten points inscribed within that “Pythagorean triangle” are worth all the theogonies and angelologies ever emanated from the theological brain.

For he who interprets them – on their very face, and in the order given – will find in these seventeen points (the seven Mathematical Points hidden) the uninterrupted series of the genealogies from the first Heavenly to terrestrial man. And, as they give the order of Beings, so they reveal the order in which were evolved the Kosmos, our earth, and the primordial elements by which the latter was generated. Begotten in the invisible Depths, and in the womb of the same “Mother” as its fellow-globes – he who will master the mysteries of our Earth, will have mastered those of all others.” …

“Space is the real world, while our world is an artificial one. It is the One Unity throughout its infinitude: in its bottomless depths as on its illusive surface; a surface studded with countless phenomenal Universes, systems and mirage-like worlds. Nevertheless, to the Eastern Occultist, who is an objective Idealist at the bottom, in the real world, which is a Unity of Forces, there is “a connection of all matter in the plenum,” as Leibnitz would say. This is symbolized in the Pythagorean Triangle…” (H.P. Blavatsky; also see The Decade and the Pythagorean Matrix)

Explaining the metaphysical meaning of e pluribus unum it could be further added that:

There are such things as metamathematics and metageometry. Even mathematics pure and simple proceed from the Universal to the particular, from the mathematical, hence indivisible Point, to solid figures. The teaching originated in India, and was taught in Europe by Pythagoras, who, throwing a veil over the Circle and the Point – which no living man can define except as incomprehensible abstractions – laid the origin of the differentiated Cosmic matter in the basic or horizontal line of the Triangle. Thus the latter became the earliest of geometrical figures.”

The great Protestant philosopher and theologian, Henry Corbin demonstrated the significance of the idea in his work, Le Paradoxe du Monothéisme. l’Herne, 1981.

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