Thoughts about the Purpose of The American Minvra and Political Ideas

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Culture, Philosophy, US Politics

The earliest tweet for “The American Mivervan” was declaring our stance, or differences. It is certainly a jab at the Conservatives, the Alt-Right, Identitarians, and American Renaissance, to simply let others know, we are not the same, nor have we arrived at the same conclusions, or solutions. The author is racially not white, and argues a different historical and social view. I have experienced the Right in the Trump era, where not a single conservative has defended anything I’ve criticized them over. I observed all of the splits, and people becoming influenced further Right; and even in its considered cuckservative state, was most of what journalists, historians, and researchers have said about them. James Allsup told me during this time to “stop punching Right,” which made me punch Right more, given the fact, nothing these people argue for is of any benefit to non-white Americans, and I was very aware of things they said in their podcasts, that alarmed me. As to tactic on critique, each has to be dealt with and argued against accordingly, but this is not what we are intent on engaging in, to waste time on.

As you can tell, The Academician Theosophical has become The American Minervan (or MINVRA for short), to embody and express as sharply and as freely, ideas, principles, arguments, and traditions we think should influence people in these particular times, and to counteract propaganda, and aberrant conservative and racialist elements. As you can see, The American Minervan’s political identity is firstly, republican, secondly, it aims to be the voice of a new expression of REPUBLICANISM. Lastly, “AMERICAN” in our name applies to the North, Central, and South. Therefore, as we move on, following the edits of the old articles, MINVRA will feature political and cultural commentary on modern situations, especially about Political Language, Political Thinking and Political Philosophies, e.g., the Religious Right, Conservatism, New Nationalists, Identitarians, Alt-Right, and Fascism.

Articles on Classical Literature, Esoteric Tradition and Philosophy, Futurism, Art History and Philosophy, Race and Ethnosociology, are topics that are really irremovable from the idea, and presenting correct and factual information is crucial.

Analyzing Confucian (Ruist) Philosophy, and Fascist Philosophy (with its Romanita conception) will be important for us, and in newly contrasting it with the Classical and Radical French, English, Irish, Chinese, American, etc. Republican Philosophy. Therefore, we will be looking at REPUBLICANISM as it is, a tradition, a style, a spiritual philosophy, and a heritage; and as you should know, this has a connection to the history of the American Parties, which we will have to explain, especially the “Switch-theory.” There are over three hundred articles, short and long from the old blog, but the value of MINVRA and constructing this new idea of Americanism and the quintessential American — beyond the pre-dominant White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant conception — is in its call for the renaissance of the national spirit, and unification of the People toward a New Ideal, with confidence, vigor, poise, and action. A Republic should prove, that it possesses, and embodies Wisdom, Virtue, and Care for the Sanity, Health and Education, for the Commonwealth. It must prove its undying revolutionary spirit, inspiring the youth of the Future in those directions, rather than wasting time on political sport tribalism.

“Heaven is bringing an end to the Mandate of our dynasty. (…) It is not that the former kings do not aid us, but by your dissoluteness and sport you bring on the end yourself. Heaven has cast us off…” (Tsu-li to the King Chou-Hsin during the Chou dynasty, Shu-King)

The claim to historical precedents always brings about contradiction. It is never sufficient a case, and will never be, as we find modern thinkers subverting language, and trying to make claim to the Republic—to the U.S. Republic’s Tradition, as a race-based one, that was, and should be eternally. The republican tradition was never conservative in its historical origin. The ‘Republican American’ is a misnomer, a contradiction in terms, if he be a reactionary, a vehement, rabid anti-liberal, and anti-revolutionary like the old royalists. The English Conservatives hated all radicalisms of the day, and this no doubt concerned the republicans of the day. So no, it is not enough to rely on claims to historical precedents and founders. The nation has changed, and undergone about three to four Republics, and we are lost. Therefore, we must know the foundations from multiple angles, and the philosophy and political theory that went into Classical and American Republicanism, to bring about some new original thought and reconciliation. Get out of the trapping cycle of the duopoly. This is my suggestion for us all.

See About Minvra on the exact topics to be focused on moving forward.

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