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President Donald Trump’s Nashville Rally Lies and Ignorance about Blacks, Republican History, and Voting Rights

May 30, 2018. President Trump, Nashville, Tennessee Rally on African-Americans:

“Remember when I’d make a speech, and I’d talk about African-Americans, and I’d say, ‘highest crime-rate, bad education,’ I go like ten-points, and they’re always voting; African-Americans vote for Democrats, for the most part. Y’know, vast majority. They’ve been doing it for over a hundred-years!”

In the 1930’s a Georgian Black man by the name of Mr. Trout stated:

“Do you know I’ve never voted in my life, never been able to exercise my right as a citizen because of the poll tax? … I can’t pay a poll tax, can’t have a voice in my own government.” (Mr. Trout. Manuscript/Mixed Material, U.S. Work Projects Administration, Federal Writers’ Project, Series: Folklore Project, Life Histories, 1936-39, Atlanta.)

He couldn’t, because poll taxes, literacy tests, fraud and intimidation were systematic methods used by states to discourage and prevent blacks from voting, despite the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution (1868) granting the right of citizenship to African-Americans and the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) passed by Congress. To the Colored Men of Voting Age in the Southern States: What a Colored Man Should Do To Vote lists the qualifications in order for a man of color to vote during the period in the South as a sample. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed this, inevitably, but blacks used to traditionally vote for the Republican Party. Another angle and modern look about this history can be studied in Leah Wright Rigueur’s “The Loneliness of the Black Republican: Pragmatic Politics and the Pursuit of Power,” which focuses on black Republicans from the era of the New Deal to Ronald Reagan’s presidential ascent in 1980.

Many blacks marched, died, and protested for their voting equality rights, alongside the few of other races that dared to stand with them — all true revolutionary republicans fighting for their liberty and freedoms.

One’s historical perspective determines our worldview, and Mr. Trump does not even have a historical knowledge of the contexts surrounding his false statements at the rally. In fact, there were several more lies at the rally, calling Nancy Pelosi, “an MS-13 lover,” and the crowd roars!

And then Trump says, “Thank you, thank you.”

Trump lies, as he usually does pathologically, throughout the Nashville rally…

Fact check: Trump repeats a heap of false, misleading claims at Nashville Rally.

In Nashville, Trump bent and broke the truth. Here are the facts | PBS NewsHour

For Fact’s Sake: President Donald Trump’s Nashville Rally Lies | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

After the Obama-Romney election, some of the Republican establishment thought, that they needed to begin to atleast appeal more to minorities, and Rush Limbaugh was saying, that the GOP didn’t need to appeal to them. The Bloomberg story on Black ex-Bernie activist Bruce Carter speaks to the issue of disingenuous and opportunistic strategies to garner black votes by Party pundits that claim the Democrats and Progressives want to keep blacks on a plantation. What happened to Bruce Carter is sad, but isn’t surprising, and for many blacks, what he did in the first place is being seen as credulous, unforgiving, treacherous, and incredibly naive.

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