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Flaw in the Fascist Ideal of the New Woman – Victoria de Grazia on Fascism and Women in Italy

What are these Spanish women smiling gleefully about? I had read Victoria de Grazia’s “How Fascism Ruled Women: Italy, 1922-1945,” and we find that the New Woman (Nuova Italiana!) in the Italian Fascist Ideal was not as one might imagine, as displayed in Italian and German pictures, and in the propaganda of Athena-esque women, marching, busty and fit to the brim, or militantly educating their sisters of the future.

After reading into Victoria de Grazia’s work, the critique I had of the woman and Fascism is true. What we have raised a number of times is the fact, both Fascism and Republicanism claim to be spiritual philosophies, or spiritual conceptions of life; but (a) what is truly spiritual, and (b) what is truly conducive to bringing out the spiritualized will in man? Concerning Fascism however, the fact is that “Fascism’s vision of female roles was dualistic and contradictory,” Marta Petrusewicz stated in a review, as merely “reproducers of the race,” or the submissive woman. These facts present themselves differently from the state-propaganda.

There was really no new woman, or new ideal and role of the woman in this New Italy.

They tell the ideas and vision of these ideologies through images and film, which were masterful, deliberate means of state-propaganda to present a fiction, false image, or delusion masking the true condition of the people under such government rule, which is no different from our own, or any government in our time.

30th November 1933: Mrs. I.M. Swire a leading figure in the women’s section of the British Union of Fascists wearing the new uniform of grey skirt with black shirt talks to a member of the HQ staff in London who wear all black. (Photo by William Vanderson/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The fascist concept of the “NUOVA ITALIANA” or the new man and woman was therefore greatly limited, and lacks the kind of strength we find in the Occult Philosophy. As said, the Fascist Ideal is not truly conducive to the will in the state or condition we speak. The concept of this “new man” and “new woman,” or ‘way of being’ is a very old idea. In the creation of a new state, there is always that exuberance of the masses, even amidst bloodshed and tyranny. While OCCULT PHILOSOPHY aims toward a psycho-spiritual liberation of man, National Socialism and Fascism in practice constructs, demands and forces new constraints and policing on the masses. On Women under Fascist Rule, why women joined the Fascists, Suffragettes, the Neo-Occult Revival, and Theosophists is because of the prospect of social and political power, rights, and their dignity.

This post was updated and edited Oct. 8, 2018.

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