When we speak of Republicans and Republicanism, what do we Mean?

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Culture, Philosophy, Politics

You should know by now, whenever MINVRA mentions REPUBLICAN, we are not speaking of the U.S. Republican Party. There are people actually still confused, so let’s be clear, brief, and without any jargon. We take Republicanism to be that underlying, or over-arching Philosophy. The philosophy we speak of has no contemporary disciples. The American Conservatives and Liberals are but branches from that parent. This PHILOSOPHY, in both as a way of thinking and political ideal greatly venerates in principle, Virtue and Wisdom. REPUBLICANISM in its classical origins, influenced by the Stoics, is not, nor ever was a Conservative tradition. A Republic binds and unites a People (alluding to its symbol of the fasces). Into what? A FAMILY, a FRATERNITY, a SINCERE FRIENDSHIP (all in theory). It is its civic national conception that will prevail over its foes if practiced. It may also be never limited into a Judeo-Christian view as those on the Religious Right express it. Many Conservatives adopt its language, and claim original intent of the founders. Yet, as shown in history, they as the Conservatives of the 1800s hated the Deists. This Philosophy embraces Ancient Wisdom, and individuals are capable of expressing a better and more wide-range of Theology in the sense we Theosophists speak, and in respects to Christian Gnosis. In time, this will be laid out. It goes hand in hand with REPUBLICANISM, alluding to its symbolism of the Goddess of Wisdom, the Torch-Bearing Promethean and Lady of Liberty, and the Phyrgian Hat-wearing Hermes. It, as We abhor, and should in actuality DREAD stupidity in Statespersons.

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