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The Original Red Shirts’ and Red Hats’: The Classical Roots of the American Republic

Republicanism of MINVRA is not associated with, nor propagandizes for one particular party, nor is it about the U.S. Republican Party, or whatever Party under such name in France, or Italy. Some among us, as well as yourselves, are not yet willing to learn, nor accept this fact, but REPUBLICANISM and FASCISM are relatives, or rather — cousins. I refer to them as such from what I am directly reading from fascist and republican thinkers; and not what some journalist who just looked on an internet dictionary, or took a minute look into The Doctrine of Fascism, or some academic’s critique of The Doctrine of Fascism (Mussolini), or The Philosophic Doctrine of Fascism (Gentile) says. I grow tired of the nonsense games and tactics of the Right depicting the Left as fascists, and vice versa. The political identity of The American Minervan is centered on an over-arching philosophy and way of life, because it is, and was defined by its philosophers and statesmen of classical ages up into the Enlightenment, as a way of life, just as the Fascists argued about the philosophy of Fascism. Yet, to get us to see their contrasts, is to set up who is more deserving of the heritage and mission of Rome.

Mario Palmieri states in The Philosophy of Fascism on Individualism:

“One invisible tie binds together the destinies of all men. There cannot be any joy or any pain experienced by one single individual, any good or any evil befallen him, which shall not ultimately affect the welfare of the race, the progress of the world, the very course of history.”

“As the fall of a stone in a quiet pool draws at the surface of the water concentric circles, which grow always wider in diameter until they extend to the extreme limits of the pool, thus the consequences of a human deed which seemed at first to affect the life of one man, grow little by little to affect the lives of all men.”

Yes, the modern liberal conception of individualism, as in Vulcan’s Atomism and the later constructed conception of the Self through the propaganda of Edward Bernays, all have its history and origin, as all things do. Yet, I was able to find in the republican ideal and liberalism, conceptions of individualism, as equally as that of communitarianism — the commonwealth, words, still used in or Congress, that politicians just use for rhetorical purposes, without actually understanding. Why ought the American Man represent, or carry the Fasces, or government be a federation, or union, if he or she does not understand that what Mario Palmieri stated applies as equally to Republicanism, because it is wisdom?

Claude Polin wrote of Democracy and Identity or our sense of nationhood, that:

“A Democratic society is a society which contains no real principle of unity. It does not even merit the name of society. In democracy there can be no citizens; there are only private citizens whose occasional civic behavior does not even indicate the will to be citizens.”—Claude Polin.

This is certainly our dilemma. The impression of the Republic of Rome and the Democracy of Athens is much more heavily imprinted on the American Ideal. A thinker like, Jared Taylor might say, only White people . . . only European people can understand the value of these things; and that in other peoples, of course, they will view that past negatively, as not something to preserve, or admire. Is he right? For me, no. The majority of Americans are not descendants of peoples of Rome, or Greece, or France, or Egypt, yet speak of ideas, that only come in pieces to us. Thus, are said and acted on half-assed. In relation to this, for Republicanism to be successful, its People must be indissolubly bound in Unity. You think our national mottos are just words? You see what happens, with these modern thinkers, who believe they are progressing doctrine and political thought, and casually blurt out these mottos and words, but fail to replicate and articulate the spirit it expresses? This is why the Alt-Right mocks liberals and conservatives, saying — “Muh Democracy.” In relation to Palmieri’s words, all must be elevating each other, completely, morally, etc. The modernists are all out of ideas, because they only find in the past its horrors; and define the present, nothing by them.

The idea here embraces the entire gamut of the Americas and its peoples, their histories, their aspirations and spirit; and therefore, is not focused on the old concepts of Anglo-America, or merely Euro-centricity, as in the ideas of the Identitarian and Alt-Right ideologue; which alone has only the interests of whites, or people of European descent. However, with that also being said, we reject and resolve any hatred or jealousies toward the various European cultural, linguistic and ethnic elements that largely influenced and shaped the history of the Americas. There must be an attempt at a true psychological and ideological reconciliation, rather than an attempt to erase European influence. The entire history must be embraced and reconsidered. The idea of Western Man, as if time was frozen in the 1800s or the 1950s, as merely the White Man or WASP, is not only outdated, but is not reality, nor has it ever been. The history here, from beginning to the settlers, is a rich history, that could not even be limited to a constructed view of history, as a domination of the white man. Imagine, using this logic to illustrate the History of Science. Your story would be highly imperfect and untrue. Legacies have been untold, and entire destinies have been altered. The history here was moulded and shaped by various elements and factors. This has to be considered in our perspectives.

Consider these modern “Red Shirts,” and “Red Hats.” They are travesties, profaning the great historic tradition.

Patrons, do we even know the origin of the RED SHIRTS, as known and hated by the American Left in reference to The Republican Party; which for one derives from the RED SHIRT mafia of Italian patriot and comrade of Mazzini – Giuseppe Garibaldi, in whom we admire as part of our heritage here? Do we as a nation seem to know the significance of the symbolic RED HAT (or Phrygian Cap) that represents our NATIONAL PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE and NATIONAL IDENTITY, versus the Red MAGA Hat? I bet some are even saying, that we do not have a national identity. I am not of European-descent, and I am definitely not arguing from the viewpoint of an Identitarian and self-defined Western Chauvinist of the Right. If you are already trying to box us into something you know, you will have failed to understand already, because . . . we are in fieri.

Firstly, if one assumes of me to be anything, they will only be correct in referring to my political thinking, plainly, as republicanism — hence, of the republican political tradition, or Republican School. I define myself, for me, and will never let another person dictate, or determine the ideal I propagate. I want to create new writings, or ways of viewing things, politically and theosophically. This does not reject, nor exclude the historical influence of John Locke and Protestant values on the Anglo-American tradition, but I am not a Protestant (or Christian) or European descendant. We are also very careful to avoid revisionist history, which is a critique of the Republican School, which tries to separate from liberalism, or devalue the influence of Lockean liberalism. So, I do not exclude Lockean liberalism. You separate it, and you go the same route in thought as the Fascist intellectuals. John Locke himself was not in opposition to republicanism, but was instead working within a variation of republicanism, i.e., a blend with liberal tradition. Americans, early on, often blended republicanism and liberalism.

Now, many of us sit on a gold mine of ideals, philosophy, tradition, heritage, authority, and inspiration, and choose not to use, nor express it; and perhaps do not care for it. Therefore, we shall take it as ours, and erect a Tower of Thought, that would prove a worthy competitor. A single, simple, binding idea and philosophy is there . . . and it is magnificent to behold. I will write greatly more on Italian politics, which led up to the Risorgimento, Mussolini, Fascism, and discuss the symbolism of the Phyrgian red cap in relation to our cause.

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