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Oswald Mosley, Manchester Rally: “We Remember The Mighty Past”

“When scholars study a thing, they strive to kill it first, if it’s alive; then they have the parts and they’ve lost the whole, for the link that’s missing was the living soul.”


Sir Mosley orates in this fiery speech, the “living soul” of Fascist Thought.

“And my friends, it is not only a matter of winning independence, of making a Third Force in the world! We can make a Third System! Therefore we can bring together the science, the modern science which the genius of the European has created. We can bring together three millennia of culture, of art, and of the European tradition! And when we have brought together modern science and classic wisdom, then at last we’ve got the balance of the world, and some sanity back into the affairs of men.”


“England lives! England marches on!”

Well, does it now?

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