Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel: “I’m All Fired Up”

“What god, what hero and what man will we celebrate?”
τίνα θεόν, τίν’ ἥρωα, τίνα δ’ ἄνδρα κελαδήσομεν


Captain Marvel has earned over $900 million worldwide at the box office. It opened with an estimated $153M domestically, the best-ever debut for a new Marvel Studios title other than Black Panther. Even better, the film earned an enormous $302M internationally, for a $455M worldwide total. Its $455M worldwide debut is second only to Avengers: Infinity War in the entire MCU — and that is due in large part to a $89.3M take in China. The expectations I had for this film were similar to Thor, and other Marvel introduction, or solo films; and Thor (no. 2) and Captain America (no. 1) happens to be my personal favorites. Many say, the formulaic solo films are average, which is exactly the feel I was searching for. In these, you find a classic Marvel comic and Disney morality taught, simple and sufficient for me, which in this case, speaks to us as Americans, to our way of thinking, and to the principles we uphold. Its human message spoke to women, and to men, and to the young girls and boys.

To them it was made, and to them, we say — Believe!

Chris Evans (Captain America star) congratulated Brie Larson’s victory.

The promethean Idea is universally exhibited in mortals and gods alike. That will in Man is a god.

Favorite theme and build-up moment of the film. This film’s adaptation is not entirely the same as Carol Danver’s/Captain Marvel comic origins, but works.

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