The Epiphany of the Flame: Fabled Dreams and Thoughts—I must live…

A dream I had of my future, in old age months ago, still leaves a strong impression on my mind, for it revealed my hopes.

I know exactly how some people feel about MINVRA. But I am fated, in the right sense.
They might’ve thought I’d given up time ago. I’ve nothing to lose, but much to gain!
No matter what, I know I’m headed in the direction I’m meant to be. I will carry the Flame with me I am witness to.
If I get a clear hold on my THOUGHT — alight, and bring it out, I will have truly lived. . .

By JOVE, as the classic Comedies would express.

Paralyzed, by what people might think, or not. . .and so. . .damn it.

I must LIVE . . .


I wither and die.

“I cannot understand why the poets of our day wax indignant at the vulgarity of their age and complain of having come into the world too early or too late. I believe that every man of intellect can create his own beautiful fable of life.”


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