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This Is What You Should Know About Adam Weishaupt To Understand The Real History And Aim Of The Bavarian Illuminati And Similar Orders



Johann Adam Weishaupt was an ordinary man—with an idea. He identified with the causes of the ancient philosophers, just as we do. Weishaupt spoke naturally in the manner of our thought, for I have too reasoned the same idea through my learning of the subjects of the Esoteric Philosophy, Masonry and the Origin of the Mysteries. Those of Weishaupt’s order were reminded of such a cause, as we believe, at every step—that which aimed boldly to the return of the classical principles in man’s understanding of being and society, and ultimately the amelioration of humankind. Among propagators of Esoteric Philosophy, there is a grand common cause, but there comes schism and difference in the procedure. Such individuals have implemented and incorporated ideas differently from others in their associations. J. Adam Weishaupt was no exception, but a mortal man. Mr. Weishaupt lost. . .he lost, exiled, grew old, disillusioned, and his order and idea died with him. Have there ever been any evidence, or trace of a single soul, that has attempted to continue, or exactly replicate the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, or even his early Perfectibilist ideal? No one. There is not even a trace. No evidence has ever been conclusively brought forth of an order, or single individual we could say succeeded the original Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. This was his ideal, or innovation; though, there is sufficient research to conclude, his effort and interest were genuinely tied to a sense of urgency he felt. As stated before once, Weishaupt’s own colleagues knew the whole idea about the Illuminati order came from his own mind. . .his mind alone. Did he become pessimistic? It seems to indicate he did, but that may be my reading of his thoughts.

The pioneering nineteenth-century Theosophist, H.P. Blavatsky never mentioned Adam Weishaupt, but she made indirect statements, concerning her efforts with the Theosophical Society and why orders before hers failed. H.P.B. stated, that it was lucky if any such organizations ever last a certain period, but that the work put into Theosophy would be sufficient for a few centuries more. Ultimately, the Theosophical Society, in its efforts would fail. Now, the mission of Johann Adam Weishaupt and Helena P. Blavatsky were different, but the root, the same in its foundation and philanthropic ideal. The Theosophy of H.P. Blavatsky is, without the usual Analogetics and Comparative Study, one of the branches of the Esoteric Philosophy, we may term here, the Arhat Esoteric Philosophy. This is a body of teachings belonging to the “trans-Himalayan Arhat Esoteric School” — the School, connected to an esoteric Buddhist approach, which K.H. and Morya belonged to. Adam Weishaupt’s interests in Esoteric Philosophy regards Freemasonry, Egyptian, Greek and Roman literature, ethics, and philosophy, which is typical of the theosophically-inclined. H.P. Blavatsky tells the Theosophists, and you can infer that this includes the Bavarian Illuminati, there are orders other than, and more clandestine than European and American Masonry of that time period in reference to real Rosicrucians, who would never reveal themselves to the public. Those who in no way are connected, even build links.

“Thousands of men and women who belong to no church, sect or society, who are neither Theosophists nor Spiritualists, are yet virtually members of that Silent Brotherhood the units of which often do not know each other, belonging as they do to nations far and wide apart, yet each of whom carries on his brow the mark of the mysterious Karmic seal — the seal that makes of him or her a member of the Brotherhood of the Elect of Thought. Having failed to satisfy their aspirations in their respective orthodox faiths, they have severed themselves from their Churches in soul when not in body, and are devoting the rest of their lives to the worship of loftier and purer ideals than any intellectual speculation can give them (…) Carrying in the silent shrine of their soul the same grand ideals as all mystics do, they are in truth Theosophists de facto if not de jure.” (H.P. Blavatsky, The Cycle Moveth, Lucifer Vol. VI., London, March 15th, 1890. No. 31.)


People use such information to build speculations and the great conspiracy theories, that they connect all into some enormous Right-wing theory against the Liberals and Leftists. The issue I take even with H.P.B. and her teachers, is their view of the Jesuits. All of these sides: Jesuits, Rosicrucians, the Illuminati Order, Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam, etc., seem to all have been instigating against each other, and about each other. Members of the AMORC had penned letters critiquing Manly P. Hall’s speculations about malevolent adepts, i.e., the “dark brotherhood,” saying that, it is not possible, that those who speak so much about them to actually know of them, pointing to the high speculations of Manly P. Hall in his early works. It must be understood, that the masses make no distinctions.

They will hang you, and crucify you, if told to. If you were to set all the claims between the Church and Jesuits, Theosophy, Weishaupt, Masonry, the journals and books of top Financiers, and the Jews, you cannot possibly come to a comprehensive conclusion, that all these groups are in cahoots, and baby-eaters. It is very distracting, and a blind-alley to focus on, and only further confuses people who get caught in the speculation.

How can the people know of these things? There is no establishment to speak for us. You know what happened to even the Manicheans. Are we not told, even from the Theological standpoint, that the Gnosis and the Great Illusion is a lie of Satan, or Lucifer by the Church and the Protestants, for which is the only choice they are told to turn to if they hope for a real spiritual and moral regeneration of the world!

The real implications and teachings of the Esoteric Philosophy are only known to the real initiates — information claimed to be known by H.P.B.’s masters, for whom she was an agent. These mysterious men speak of initiates and unconnected individuals from various ethnic and national backgrounds, and refer to H.P.B. as a direct agent for the task of carrying out a mission, instituted initially by Buddhist, Je Tsongkhapa, not by Russians and British spy agencies. The fact, that her masters even state, that their efforts to aid Anglo-British relations was not met with assistance by other brothers of their order they asked, because of not wanting to open up to the “Pelings” (foreigners) show a reality to the situation. We all know what happened when Tibet was opened to the German National Socialists and Mao. None of this claim of authority from clandestine chiefs, is however ever put forth by Adam Weishaupt, because his order was his idea.

Twentieth-century commercial spiritual groups greatly exploited a widely-known fact before the nineteenth-century about clandestine chiefs and orders, reinventing them through Spiritualism and Christianity, as extraterrestrials, angelic hierarchies, etc., from far-out binary star systems. K. Paul Johnson’s research and blog, e.g., leads to other research by authors detailing how the myth of clandestine chiefs was believed in and use by Masons before H.P. Blavatsky, but not to such extents as the Swedenborgians, Spiritualists, and New Age movement had done. It just reminds us to take a grounded approach to the history. The amount of fantasy and danger that particular myth and belief had gotten to justify among cults, a naive universalism, where humanity would make an ascension to world spiritual dictatorship, or guidance under an elite circle of technocrats (Alice Bailey on the ‘Executives of the New Age’ and Politics), is more apt of the believer of the Messianic creed and doctrine.

I’m afraid, however, it really has nothing to do with the ancestral Gnosis, or the ideals of the nineteenth-century Theosophists, or Adam Weishaupt before them; yet the people are then told who to blame for such ridiculous notions on those who negate those same notions, very clearly.


Weishaupt’s ideas must be seen in an even more secular grounded historiographical sense, and in the context of that period in Bavaria and Germany, the Catholic Church, and the Republican Revolutions. Concerning the nature of power in human affairs, and the limitations of time—Time and Power are the basis of the world. These minds understood you had to fight for your cause. No one else would. It depends on the individual, and if they create a genuine effort, that may or may not receive assistance from associates and compatriots of like-mindedness. Those days, so far, seem however gone. Renaissance Platonism, or the medieval Platonic movements, the initial efforts at a Rosicrucian Renaissance of Europe, the Theosophists, etc., in my view, all failed. These are real struggles, involving people and their own complex character, not a Sci-Fi movie. There is a reality to the situation and efforts at moral regeneration, spiritual renaissance and revolution, before the racialist movements came onto the scene, and further complicated the issue, popularizing the great conspiracies, and even appropriating the spirit of such revolutions.

However today, there are no such forces of the Esoteric Philosophy of influence in society. So, people take interest in great speculation, like listening to figures on Joe Rogan’s Podcast, or London Real.

There is no public order, or organization today generating interest among the known scientists, and so forth.

Nothing like that exists anymore, in a strong form. I am not even in agreement with everything Manly Palmer Hall wrote in his Secret History of America, but what he was attempting to demonstrate are along similar lines to what I write about. I prefer however to build a stronger case for our kind. The first thing I did, when I read his work was fact check, because he hardly ever sourced his material.

If there are no minds who will fight for these ideals, and understand them, there will be no movement to defend them. I have my imperfections, and barely carry a good reputation and profile as others have been able to, but there is much work to be done, that has not been put forth. The ideas challenge us to become better men and women, capable of carrying out the cause, according to our ability and in spite of any flaws, which should be overcome. If there are no minds like Weishaupt, there will be no Perfectibilists. This is the fact.

Simple. Most of this is about perspective and historical research approach. This history is not the work of Angels, but of mortal men and women, and their beliefs, their sacrifices, and untold stories. This is the simple fact, I would like to strongly get across, because of its great importance on how to best move forward.

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