When I Discovered Lawrence Auster: Why Being A Black Conservative Will Never Be Enough For The Right

“There are days when you wonder what your role is in this country and what your future is in it.”



Regarding “Hello, Privilege, I’m Chelsea” by Chelsea Handler on Netflix, statistically White Americans increasingly believe blacks and those who talk about race are the real racists. Judging from the many articles over the years, that have explained it, White Americans feel lectured and discriminated against.

The American Conservatives say, that there is a deliberate attempt to change the demographics of the country for the benefit of the Left and Democratic Party. Despite, large swaths of minorities and immigrants being socially conservative, the Republicans cannot seem to win them over, so they scheme how to divide as well. The American Left is then painted as representing the naive White Liberal, the Radical Left, the Cultural Marxists, the unpatriotic, the “Social Justice Warrior,” the “Cucks,” “Soy Boy” and his $5 Starbucks Lattes, the Feminist, minorities and nonwhite immigrants. The American Right claims that it is trying to unshackle the ‘bondage’ Liberalism and the Left holds on us (a narrative I really find annoying and false), as in the idea that Blacks should walk away from the Democratic Party.

The issue of racism and the adoption of racialist doctrine is not only about mis-education. I used to believe this, but no longer. Early in highschool, I discovered a “Traditionalist Conservative,” Lawrence Auster. Lawrence Auster died in 2013, but he had a blog, called View from the Right (VFR), which I often read for insight into Conservative thinking. This was during the time of Barack Obama’s first election campaign, which was a very high emotional and politicized period, and was before the “Alternative Right” we are familiar with today. According to Lawrence Auster’s view of the Traditional Conservative, the VFR gives you the “politically incorrect” view of the American socio-political landscape.

Rush Limbaugh goes far, but not far enough for minds like Lawrence Auster. Why? It is because, the establishment Conservative will not mention the cause of the ills of American life and Western society, being primarily due to demographics changes, diversity, multiracialism, liberalism, the inherent low IQ of Blacks, and the non-assimilability of nonwhites and new immigrants (Multiculturalism and the War Against White America, August 1994). IQ, according to this Conservative is a) set at birth, and remains unalterable; and b) there exists significant differences in average intelligence between different populations — gaps that cannot be closed by any human means. 

This has become commonly-expressed by those on the Right, with the included bonus of the JQ. If you do not tell the truth about the JQ, you cannot be trusted, is becoming all too common an attitude. There never seem to be a desire to delve deeply into the science of factors that create a genius and stimulate a strong intelligent environment for one to live in. Being therefore skeptical of academia — of the scholars and scientists, there is not an intelligent discussion to be had on the side of the ‘American Right.’ Their beliefs and rationale lead them to other subjects they regard as priorities.

It is mostly beset by opinion, biases, conjecture, propaganda, and fallacious appeals to emotion and ethnonationalist sentiment, despite claiming to have the ‘facts.’ Also, incapable of doing this, they have no comprehensive social or economic policy to solve the issues. The stench of ignorance reaches as far as Betsy Davos in positions of power, concerning how we should proceed on Education Policy initiatives.

Briefly, on genius and intelligence, a human can: (i.) increase their attention span; (ii.) increase their study skills (modern education abandons classical education and seems to focus merely on the technique of mechanical memorization — which often does not take much critical thinking); (iii.) humans can learn to listen correctly; (iv.) humans can learn to read intelligently; (v.) we have the ability to create new brain cells; (vi.) and to control or affect our diet and eat well for proper brain or neuro-mental optimization and functioning (depends on food accessibility); and lastly, (vii.) humans can develop the mental syntax for higher level thoughts and abstract creative thinking.

† As a child growing up, I thought faster than other students around me, earned good grades, and excelled higher than other students. This became noticeable. I grew up in grade school and highschool as a Black kid, with majority Black students and some Hispanics and Latinos, and the issues from my observations were primarily a lack of rigorous study habits (my mother forced me to study outside of school everyday to be two grades ahead of students each grade I ascended – this coupled with my love for learning, science, reading and accumulating information anyway turned into habit); the schools being underfunded and unequipped to provide the best environment for students to develop healthily under conditions that stimulate the brain; and then surrounding that conversation is the prevailing socio-cultural influences, the music (or youth cultural influences) and violent mentality (which these Conservatives say is a genetic predisposition inherent in Blacks), victimhood mentality held by certain influential figures (a mentality my family repudiated and which I therefore never adopted), and the economic crisis and political corruption on the State and national level.


Despite not being a liberal democrat, or Left-wing progressive, having spent much time with those of Left-persuasion, I have been around and in many intelligent conversations surrounding all of this among them and even Far-left ideologues. This generation of Conservatives, from young adulthood up into the early middle-aged in their thirties on the other hand, are generally today taken by a victimology they feel justified by; and thus the same concerns expressed by Lawrence Auster. Republicans like Mitt Romney were not liked. I remember. They stood behind Mitt, only because it was their best chance at winning, among an already dulled row of candidates during those days. The Republican candidate is to only serve as a gateway, and therefore Donald J. Trump comes along, and presents an opportune moment for the “real Conservatives” to burst through!

President Donald Trump spoke at Benedict College (an HBCU) in Columbia, South Carolina recently, and comedian D.L. Hughley on his show commented on the situation and Van Jones. What D.L. Hughley says relates to the set of correspondences I will share from Lawrence Auster’s blog, VFR.

A Fear of ‘White Extinction’ is Provoking Racial Bias among American Whites:

“Remember white people? Once upon a time, they dominated American life. But at some point in the 21st century, beset by low birth rates, they gradually died out.

Yes, that’s an absurd notion. But new research suggests that, for some white Americans, it’s a real fear—one that stimulates racial bias and political conservatism. (…)

As the researchers note in the journal Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, it has been clear for some time that many white Americans feel threatened by projections that, by the year 2050, members of their racial identity will no longer make up a majority of the nation’s population. Much research has found this is driven by fear of a loss of status—that whites will no longer play a dominant role in society.”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has even spoken about this, basically saying, that if Western Europe and America will not preserve itself, Russia and Central Asia must work to make sure this does not happen to them. Most recently, Laura Towler, editor of the white nationalist website ‘Defend Europa’ has gained a following with her videos such as ‘We Were Never Asked‘, focusing on the Windrush Generation and the issue of demographic replacement. It does not help, that there are in fact legitimate aspects to the argument that such schemes are apart of an ideology held by internationalist organizations and politicians creating this ethnic and racial agitation throughout the West and Commonwealth, as presented in Replacism citing numerous U.N. Documents and Articles.

This is the issue with the belief, that people deemed racist, with high-brow doctrinally-racialist and racially-prejudiced views in general are just mis-educated. They believe on the contrary, that they are very intelligent and very correct as to these “truths.” It is this, that should be carefully taken into account, which has been utterly underestimated.

The Left and establishments think they can produce a video every three years dealing with the Race Question and “Debunking” Identitarianism, or deplatforming radicalized “Zoomers” and those radicalizing them, but that isn’t destroying the ideas. It only forces ideologues to hide and create more innovative channels for communication and propagating racialist ideology. The ideas and this annoying mentally-retarded way of communicating through humorous meme-language are stronger than ever, and have become normalized [common], and very difficult to manage. The kids don’t want, e.g., Charlie Kirk or old boy scout Mitt Romney (I don’t either). They want those who will say “the truth” about: the inherent racial and IQ differences, the Jewish Question (JQ), and anti-whiteness; and why we need ethnic segregation, and white racial and ethnic pride, &c.

This is the situation of the Right today: if you aren’t helping rebuild Western Civilization by aiding in the ’14 Words’ (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”), and thus, the restoration of White hegemony, then why are you even on the Right? It has become the chief concern, upon which other concerns are founded. Even, if you are among those rare “Black Traditionalists,” you will never be enough. You are a tool, and only a means to an end, just like Candace Owens and Kanye West. I have not been convinced otherwise, that this is not the case; and that one must denigrate themselves to prop up another race. This is not what I believe in. You have to go full D’Souza or Prager-type, or be like Candace Owens, or Zuby, pretending you are showing tough love. I am disappointed. Frankly, it has become incredibly difficult to trust anyone on the Right. Journalists could not understand the Alt-Right and Trump phenomena, but their beliefs sounded merely no different from ordinary Conservatives, the wing nuts who influence a great deal of people in this country, and eventually claim the Party’s voters.

A few weeks ago, I returned to VFR, remembering when I used to lurk around, and a set of correspondences between Lawrence Auster and others asks a question, that challenges my blog here. I am well-aware of why I would not be capable of winning over a Conservative audience to this blog. There isn’t really, I believe, any particular group. I alienate groups, because I believe what I am looking for has to actually be constructed, and that it does not exist yet. I am not looking for perfection, or a perfect ideology, but only that which expresses my own soul, and I cannot find it.

During the time of the last election, when I told my Democrat friends, that I chose to identify myself as Conservative, I am on the Right, and that I am a Republican Party member, a long time friend commented, saying, “Don’t you know everything that is wrong with this country is because of them?” They unfriended me then. I no longer identify that way, but I am of the understanding that my views are quite Right. Others have said, that it seems Third Positionist, but that’s another matter, as it is clear I reject racialist doctrine. My views are quite within American tradition, and go to its roots through antiquity. Considering it very blindsided and biased, the reveal to me, that the Left was not perfect as they think, and that they could be just as intolerant honestly made me even more rebellious against what I saw around me, as my blindness to years of being in a political bubble I did not match with. It kind of broke me, and frightened me. If I would declare myself these things, it would be for my own reasons. It should not be assumed therefore, that I view issues the same way those in the correspondence put it in Do Traditionalists Have Anything To Say To Blacks.

My point here, has been to say, I believe there is nothing those like me can do to influence anything within the Republican Party. I am first and foremost, a philosophical thinker. I am not content with merely following what another thinker thinks, but rather digging into how they think, and why and what might complement or even improve my view. My admiration and respect for the diverse cultures and peoples in European History were instilled in me in my youth, by myself, through my own reading. I never, as other peers and people I’ve met in my life, held any degree of hatred or jealousy of Whites. What I noticed about Lawrence Auster’s views, is that he does not view the Whites and Blacks in this country as “a people.” They are viewed as “different people.” They are simply to him, different. I do not view us as “different people,” but “a people,” a Union, a nation in fact, in reality, and not as a mere concept. I view us as a people with a bonded fate.

After finishing the series 100, what is and what doesn’t make a people is pretty much dependent on a feeling, and an idea. We, Americans of this continent are fated to one another, and that the advancement of the people, of the races, of the intelligence of man (of the American) and our prosperity is central to the republic, or it will not work. In doing this, I reject ethnic segregation as a solution. There is alot more to my positions and view, but it does not deviate into a self-hatred, or white ethno-nationalist apologetic. Alot of people are being pulled into racialist thinking, without any critical information and data to push against it, other than calling it racist.

But people of such thinking believe their solutions and policies, if enacted in this country would be benignly conducted, so they come off almost always as psychopaths. I would never trust such thinkers with political power. They need to demonize people, the establishment, the academics and scholars, and scientists, etc. When I think of the way they think, I can only think of the way the men treated the woman in the film Where Hands Touch under the Third Reich.

The myths, fables and traditions of people all across the world, and the history of Blacks and our triumphs through injustice and suffering spoke to me, and expressed something already in me. I grew to understand the history of people, their hopes and aspirations. It gave me very early on, a different lens than other students. I could clearly observe that difference, and it became incredibly hard to find others that agreed with me, among my own “race,” among which I have been often misunderstood, or assumed to lack racial pride. It seems, there is no space or room for me anywhere, and that has been a great frustration I have tried to figure out, confronting or being confronted by others. It all comes down to our attitudes and perspective.

Those like Lawrence Auster and so many Conservatives and others on the Right I read believe, that fundamentally, in the bones, in the genes of Blacks, our problem is our low IQ. Not only that, but that intelligence is something stagnant, and nothing could absolutely improve the collective of Blacks. If your whole reasoning is dictated by that belief, we would not agree on anything. This is different from the view of Heather Mac Donald in “The American Founders drew on an astonishingly wide range of historical sources” | Heather Mac Donald, who suggests that Blacks ought to adopt the rigor and strategy of Asians and apply it to their children.

These are some excerpts from DO TRADITIONALISTS HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY TO BLACKS? I think it is very good to read to gain insight, and to try to argue against. Someone in the correspondence even quotes Frederick Douglass to justify his view, when Frederick Douglass, stated, let Blacks stand on their own, and if they cannot stand, let them fall. Yet, they do not read the Republican Fredrick Douglass in context, not understanding the general strength in his outlook, which I share, and my family taught me.

They have not read the speech Frederick Douglass gave to an audience of whites and abolitionists, which negates the entire aristocratic attitude of this “Conservative Traditionalism,” Western Chauvinists and Identitarians.


Edward to LA: “I don’t believe, however, that there is much room for traditionalism among blacks, with one exception.

“The problem is that all the American traditions that blacks might admire come from white people! Moreover, none of these traditions, when practiced genuinely (not as phony, recently invented “traditions”) ever genuinely espoused full equality and inclusion of blacks. Yes, the Founding Fathers famously wrote that “all men are created equal,” but many of them were slaveholders. Traditional religious congregations may have espoused a universal brotherhood of all mankind, but were always extremely segregated. The freemasons, who were among the earliest adopters of doctrines of universal equality, still have segregated lodges to this day. And on and on.”

“There is a “tradition” of radical egalitarianism in the U.S. that can be traced back hundreds of years. But it only represented the views of a small minority of whites and was rejected by the American mainstream until the 1960s, at which point the genuine traditions were swept away, and radical egalitarianism became the cultural law of the land. A black could view Martin Luther King as his Founding Father and trace his “traditions” forward. But the result would be a very young tradition of multiculturalism that rejects the older, genuine traditions.”

“A “traditionalist” black in America is in the same awkward position that an American would be in if he moved to Japan and tried to become a Japanese traditionalist. Not only would he have to adopt the values and belief system of a different race and reject his own. He would have to accept that much of the tradition he so loves involves the exclusion or denigration of people like himself; and he would never be really accepted by the very people he admires.”

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