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What Is Fascist Philosophy? | An Analysis through Gentilian Thought

I first became intrigued to study Giovanni Gentile through Diego Fusaro’s Lectures on Gentilian Actualist Philosophy for philosophical research. Using the words of Giovanni Gentile, Cultured-Thug conveys the real strength and metaphysics of the Fascist Philosophy using source material. Cultured-Thug is an American who self-identifies as a Fascist, and provides many informative videos. Due to his videos repeatedly being removed, I have brought this over from archives. It must be said, that he believes in the Jewish Conspiracy, which I am against and have always been. However, this video does not contain antisemitism (I call it Anti-Jew). I trust my reader is not so gullible, and is able to think critically for themselves. Many claim to think critically for themselves, and yet adopt such beliefs, which I do not find stands up to close scrutiny. The influences of Fascist Philosophy transcend Mussolini, and we have no concern with Nazi racialist ideology and Nordicism. Consider the historical contexts of the Post-Risorgimento period, where I provide some notes or an analysis (Notes on Post-Risorgimento Idealism: The Historical Context of Giovanni Gentile’s Fascism, Mazzini and Carbonaro Theosophists), along with Gentile’s answers to the problems of Italy in his day, and his attempt to interpret the republican ideals of Mazzini. It is with this mind, I approach these things.

Republished. Nov 12, 2019.

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