The Perfect Valentine Gift: Freedom and Self-Care after Dumping a Malignant Narcissist

Trump supporters and Republicans who unfollowed me, muted or shut me out might want to unmute or follow and hear me out, very carefully. It might very well help you and the Republican Party. Perhaps, we cannot expect to win those people over, and they are sucked into the digital fragmentation of spaces, but why not try.

Have you ever fallen out of love with someone, or used to love someone that now disgusts you?

No one is on your side telling you to snap out of it, to dump this girl (Donald Trump). She is ruining your life, but you don’t see it. You love it. I broke up with the GOP’s propaganda circus three years ago, and dumping the newly elected President was part of that. It meant, I would walk back on many actions I’ve taken so far, and it was for the good of things. However, it hasn’t prevented every fellow red, blue and white blooded Right-winger I’ve argued with these past years from initially assuming I’m a “Leftist” for criticizing rightfully, and speaking ill of our “Chosen One of Israel” President who thinks he is an elective king that inherits a kingdom of dotards and eunuchs who cannot stand up to him . . . in his own Party! Sure, Americans are stupid . . . people say that, but we aren’t that stupid, right?

Once you let people like Mr. 45 (this is your 45ᵗʰ on the notch count) Donald Trump go, prepare. It is nearly impossible breaking-up directly with a malignant narcissist. Do it, considering the future once she is gone, and you are able to build anew. You shouldn’t have to feel alone in taking these steps to freedom and relief! But remain strong and hold your head high, my soon to be happy or drunk friend. . .or both.



Recondita Armonia | Plácido Domingo

The supreme tranquility of Plácido, when Plácido Domingo sings Recondita armonia. Romanticism never dies in us. . . But our Floria is Sophia. English What subtle harmony of different beauties!Floria, my passionate lover is a brunetteAnd you, unknown beauty,Are framed by fair hairYou have blue eyesTosca has dark eyesThe mysterious artMixes the different beauties together:But Continue reading Recondita Armonia | Plácido Domingo

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