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Here’s Why Candace Owens Approach to the Black Community must be Rejected and Countered at Every Step (Even by Republicans)

Roland S. Martin of Roland Martin Unfiltered said “hateful” comments always have to be “countered.” He continued, “Even if you think you’re whistling in the wind…somebody will hear that whistle” and understand that what is being spouted by this group of seemingly rouge Black conservatives in many cases is intellectually dishonest at best …”

Recently, Black conservative activist Candace Owens brought up George Floyd’s criminal records prior to being invited to Vice President Mike Pence’s discussion about race in America. Many people have already listened to the click-bait titled video, “I do not support George Floyd” by Candace Owens. She raises many issues, such as the usual, Black-on-Black crime, single-parent homes and the lack of Black fathers. She uses these legitimate concerns as a shield to make her critics appear to her supporters to be ignoring her perfectly “rational arguments.” The Paleo-Cons in the past decades have always attributed these issues not only to Democrat Party policies, but fundamentally, the lack of IQ in Blacks. Conservatives love when these points are brought up, as in their thinking, it shows they are the ones who truly care for the condition of Black people.

It is, from their view, the “Demonrats!” who are the real racists. This is a very strange revisionist, and disrespectul view of the reality of political life in this country. I am aware, that when white conservatives hear what Owens says about a Black person, they cheer in relief “one of us” has said what they perhaps whisper about privately among other people or themselves, as if these discussions do not happen, though they do, everyday on the Left. As if to say, that no ideas of self-development and social improvement exist on the other political side.

Candace Owens tells us, from her experience, as if it is a universal fact, that liberals and Blacks see themselves as victims, and use this as an excuse. It appears she is talking to herself, making such wide-sweeping generalizations. She repeats this as being her experience many times, as if it applies to everyone else’s experience, because my impression of the Left is not that they view themselves as incredibly crippled by their adoption of a victim mentality. I know Black people who have a victim mentality, and mature out of this, but to say liberals and the left collectively have a crippling victim mentality is a false notion. My family are Democrats, professionals in their careers, and all have a bootstrap mentality. If this was true of everyone Democrat I knew, you’d expect them to be so incapacitated and incapable of succeeding in life, despite the fact so many have. She attempts to approach Blacks this way, she said herself to embolden them, but it never comes out in a compassionate way. Candace Owens has demonstrated, she is not truly serious, and her approach is inter-racially divisive and heightens animosities. She is like an annoying leprechaun who luckily keeps getting away with what she is saying and doing, and maintaining a career because of her sponsors and her ready-made Conservative audiences. Never assume, it is because we do not understand her. We do, very clearly.

The online discussions I have had with Conservatives and far-right thinkers, amount to nothing but the denial of the existence of racism today at all costs, and the belief that the races should separate or separately deal with their collective racial issues; and that the integration of the races makes this impossible. Said in a kind of sad way, as if the person did not originally have such views. It is a politics of pessimism, and it is a web of rationale that leads to the rabbit-hole of radicalism. Racism doesn’t exist, and diversity is a lie, we are told. This view is adopted by many on the Right on social media and nearly every comment section.

As to Candace Owens, I have repeatedly stated, that I do not like, nor agree with this woman, but many white Conservatives and Right Libertarian colleagues did, as many others are saying in that comment section of the Roland and co commentary about other people they know who mention her. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Fox News pundits represent Republican Party voters thoughts, despite me knowing the inside of the party and how people, or from where people on the Right get their information. It is really bad information.

If any Republican truly cared about the opinions of the Black population in America, they should not entertain the approach and outlook of Candace Owens towards Blacks. I am not a Democrat, or a Liberal, nor a Conservative, or Libertarian, and even if I was, it would not invalidate what is said. A liberal or conservative may find comfort in my views on social issues, but I do not intend to speak as, nor for both, but for an entirely new ideal. It is important to say that, because people in these conversations are often interested in debating their first assumption they have created and imagined about your politics.

Political opinion today appears no different from an opinion on what celebrity you like, or dislike. It is merely today about who you like and do not like, or listen to. You like Candace Owens. I don’t, ergo . . . So, I ask to take my opinion seriously as you do Owens. I am convinced that, no matter what I say, I cannot convince many people to turn away from Candace Owens to the degree I want it to go, because there is too much information creating different threads of narratives about the looters, protests, BLM sponsors, and so forth for myself to tackle.

However, I do know, that no matter how rational the Black Conservative’ of Sowell and Owen’s outlook and approach may put forth their arguments, their approach towards Blacks proves an incredibly hostile, condescending, ignorant, and divisive approach to those they believe are not thinking for themselves, in whom they assume to be, “slaves of the Democratic plantation” for not voting Right, or thinking “Conservative.” The word currently being used once again is “cuckservative,” which is dog-whistle meant to shame White conservatives, particularly in this case moderate Republicans for believing that “racism exists.” Candace Owens is being called by Conservatives “intelligent” and “free” from the Liberal outlook, yet she merely sounds like she regurgitates Fox News script talking points. The attitude, the trolling, the Prager U Conservative talking point propaganda has been heard for decades, and we do not need it. We need to counter her influence to a great degree.

The so-called Republicans who also wholeheartedly believing in what she say, demonstrate great ignorance about how many Blacks already feel about their position in the two party system, under the mainstream political parties as vehicles for social and political goals. Merely telling Blacks to switch sides solves nothing, because in fact, people like Owens scare us from GOP Republicans. The Republican Party is not an alternative in this period of time for Blacks. I need you to understand that you know I am aware of this, and wish me well in what I intend to do to open a new path and counter-measure against her approach. Over the years, I have been in great conversations between conservatives and liberals about police brutality and racism. Conservative commentators work day and night only to portray the other side through caricatures, dangerous to the country and constitution.

Just because trust in the Democrat Party may dwindle, has never meant Blacks will largely swing Right. The Right offers very little, and only cares for the “Black vote” so-called when time to prepare for the big election. If what they want should ever happen, Blacks will come and rip the party apart and remove it of all its nonsense and racism. It will become unrecognizable and odious to those who now find it a safe-haven, and their last Trojan horse. Lastly, it could never be, nor ever will be brought about through Trumpism and the school of Conservatism, with the Party and its neo-cons, White Nationalists, and so forth. This is incredibly short-sighted and weak of the Blexit movement. There must be more thinkers and counter movements, in my view, from within the Right, not just the Left, and that is very important, because of the lack of representation. Listen to what I have to say on these things, because we will need to create that. If we are to restore our dignity, we must attempt to multitask in other directions. If the movement of Blacks transcend the Left, or the Democrat Party, it must demonstrate this. Any idea that communication between Black Republicans and Democrats is in good condition is false, and ought to be changed in time. Approaches such as MAGA, Blexit, and other old-time Black conservative approaches, which is merely just white Conservative views in another race’s body and which condescend to non-Republican Blacks as slaves of liberalism and the Democrats ought to be entirely abandoned. If this does not happen, and counter-ideas and counter-thinkers from the Republican side do not arise, nothing can be helped.

A surprise Netflix special dropped on June 12 by comedian Dave Chappelle. Candace Owens responded to Dave Chappelle’s comments about her in the special.

Dave Chappelle is not laughing, after being incredibly disgusted with your comments, which Candace Owens makes a joke about. She demonstrates herself to be a clown, and not someone I consider to represent what a Republican is and ought to be.

This post has been edited and was originally part of the article The Tempests: Someday.


  1. Thank you for this, and thank you for your voluminous output, your blog is truly a miracle. I’m inspired directly by YOU this Juneteenth!


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