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Here’s Why Candace Owens Approach to the Black Community must be Rejected and Countered at Every Step

Roland S. Martin of Roland Martin Unfiltered said “hateful” comments always have to be “countered.” He continued, “Even if you think you’re whistling in the wind…somebody will hear that whistle” and understand that what is being spouted by this group of seemingly rouge Black conservatives in many cases is intellectually dishonest at best …”

Recently, Black conservative activist Candace Owens brought up George Floyd’s criminal records prior to being invited to Vice President Mike Pence’s discussion about race in America. Many people have already listened to the click-bait titled video, “I do not support George Floyd” by Candace Owens. She raises many issues, such as the usual, Black-on-Black crime, single-parent homes and the lack of Black fathers. Candace Owens uses these legitimate concerns as a shield to make her critics appear to her supporters to be ignoring her perfectly “rational arguments.” The Paleo-Cons in the past decades have always attributed these issues not only to Democrat Party policies, but fundamentally to low IQ in Blacks.

The online discussions I have had with Conservatives and far-right thinkers, amount to nothing but the denial of the existence of racism today at all costs, and the belief that the races should separate or separately deal with their collective racial issues; or that the integration of the races makes this impossible.

If any Republican truly cared about the opinions of the Black population in America, they should not entertain the approach and outlook of Candace Owens towards Blacks if you know what is best for your political career.

Just because trust in the Democrat Party may dwindle, has never meant Blacks will largely swing Right. The Right offers very little, and only cares for the “Black vote” so-called when time to prepare for the big election. If what they want should ever happen, Blacks will come and rip the party apart and remove it of all its nonsense and racism.

A surprise Netflix special dropped on June 12 by comedian Dave Chappelle. Candace Owens responded to Dave Chappelle’s comments about her in the special.

Dave Chappelle is not laughing, after being incredibly disgusted with your comments, which Candace Owens makes a joke about. She shows herself to be merely a clown.


  1. Thank you for this, and thank you for your voluminous output, your blog is truly a miracle. I’m inspired directly by YOU this Juneteenth!


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