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Deist, Protestant and Masonic American Founders — Yea, So What?

If you cannot understand or sympathize with ancient theosophy in some capacity, one cannot be helped or made to immediately even understand the American founders who admired antiquity and were acquainted with the spiritual movements of our study. That being, “a Spiritual Movement, which came to this country, and founded a Republic, and not a Monarchy” (Alan Watts on American Spiritual Settler Movements: ‘Why America is a Republic and not a Monarchy’).

The framers and founders, surely were no Christian fundamentalists and dominionists, but the settlers were composed of radical Christians who fled from the limitations of their religious freedom. The historic Right hated for example the Deists (James J. Sack on Republicanism in the 18th century Revolutions reveal American Conservative Thought is no different from the Anti-Enlightners), yet our founders were Utilitarian in thought, religiously Protestant, Deists, and Freemasons. Read “The American Founders drew on an astonishingly wide range of historical sources” | Heather Mac Donald and American Founders inspired by Classical Greece and Rome: Classicism in Republicanism, Liberal and Early U.S. Education. The lie is that these ideas were alone conceived for the white European settler. Yet, being American, whether Black or White, everyone has been thoroughly influenced by the manners and habits of thought from the Western European and White Anglo-Saxon Protestant in ways no American can escape. He may accuse a man of being white-washed or whatever, but he too, it is found cannot escape the clutch of Western culture and habits of thinking through language, religion, etc. Perhaps, initially unable to comprehend, some people are driven to find excuses for these influences brought over from the European Revolutions. Upon hearing such historical information, some Americans even go so far in their rationale — through adoption of certain pseudo-history and conspiratorial hoaxes revealed and outdated as much as or more than a century ago that inform their beliefs — to the effect they think they must abandon, or even cleanse America. Given the campaigns of great dispersal of political subversion (Dugin and Right Wing Nationalist Rulers: An International Movement That Threatens Our Future), disinformation and revisionist history through far-right, mainstream right, and foreign influences for some years now, many Conservatives are blind to their cognitive dissonance. People are always so bent on focusing on what is wrong with “Leftists.” Amateur and young conservatives are not being educated properly, despite so much data at our fingertips. For they are told to believe it is alone the Left, the Democratic Party, Liberalism, and Blacks’ belief in racism to blame for the ills of this country. They do this, all the while claiming to be the real patriots, as opposed to others supposedly “destroying the country and constitution.”

Now, many have not honestly in confidence, known how to deal with the fact given the religious expression of the Right, to whom it is an unwelcome truth to come by. After all, psychologists tell us, that people often avoid coming by uncomfortable, upsetting truths.

So, many lies have been created and many great gaps and leaps of faith made where they had ought not to be. Yes, conspiratorial thinking and paranoia was in fact integral to America’s Birth, but now I think we ought to demonstrate the true strength of the republican revolutionary thought; or else, it will not be the present-day looters burning down America, but those hiding under the guise of patriotism and pro-law enforcement (or rather pro-militarized police). We shall flaunt magnificently our philosophy and schools in all their true unfashionable glory!

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