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Roland and Team Deconstructs Conservative Activist Bevelyn Beatty Viral Video Brilliantly



People like Candace Owens, Bevelyn Beatty and Angela Stanton King and others have attained undeserved fame and influence as voices of American conservatism.

I waited . . . I waited . . . and then I waited. I did not see Roland and his team’s wonderful deconstruction of Bevelyn Beatty, a Conservative Black activist’s viral video, trend as hers did. This deconstruction is the best out there, and we want to find more reactions done by YouTubers engaged in this kind of information. The viral video is of Bevelyn Beatty, in which she claimed the typical argument in the Candace Owens or D’Souzian manner going around, that the Democrats are historically anti-black and supported slavery.

The conservative activist also asserts, that the the Republican Party is and remains “the party of the blacks,” but Blacks are being enslaved by the Democrats. If you are conservative, don’t run! You are probably running. I urge you to study the history and read some books. Conservatives have praised Bevelyn Beatty, and like the Tulsa Rally are exhibiting all the inhibitions of a cult, or man of hard-hearing. Don’t run! Listen to this entire segment by four knowledgeable Black professionals. Others, will very much enjoy this conversation. It is full of history, and deconstructs everything Bevelyn Beatty said in her viral video. A little knowledge is dangerous, indeed.

As to the claim of Bevelyn Beatty that the Democratic Party is the Party of the KKK, recently, another sad-faced Black “Republican” (so-called), Angela Stanton King (U.S. House of Rep Georgia, District 5) posted

A comment quickly pointed out her lack of credibility, stating that this photo is from a Klansmen initiation ceremony in Chicago, not the Democratic Party.

“Thousands of Klansmen gather in August 1921 for an initiation ceremony on a farm near Lake Zurich owned by Charles Weeghman, who had owned the Chicago Cubs. The procession there began in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood.”


Angela Stanton King was so ignorant enough in beginning this issue with Snopes, which debunked this manipulated media picture she posted on her Twitter.

This is the real picture from Getty Image below. Twitter labeled her tweet Manipulated Media, in which she responded with that first tweet above.

There you have it. The proofs of what I stated in Here’s Why Candace Owens Approach to the Black Community must be Rejected and Countered at Every Step (Even by Republicans), because I very much agreed with Roland Martin. Perhaps, they believe because they are Black, they must be free from criticism, for they would accuse their opponents of being divisive. This is a very dangerous game they are playing, with their ability to influence so many people.

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