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Thinking about ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Enlightenment’

Listening to some Americana and Folk this morning. . .

I do not speak as an “enlightened” person with all the answers. I am just an ordinary person, and I like it that way! So, who am I? Is it important to know? I’m just a person, a stranger you walk by like every other. All I want is to be heard, to spread my work. To do that, I must have fire in me too. I am a mere man at my home office desk, sipping some high quality chai tea, beside my books, my music, anime, drawing, and my Libre Office Writer tab on perpetual open. Never have I ever claimed, because of what I write, that I am “enlightened” or something. Some people try to hurt my feelings by saying, that I say this and that, and they say “and you think you’re enlightened.” When have I ever said this?

I have been through many things like yourself and any other person. We are all mortal. We “try.”

The trap of writing about the things I do, is that it seems to bring with it in the idea of some persons, that I must think I know better than the “Prophets,” the scriptures, and so forth! This is why I never talk about my personal anomalous experiences openly. How ostentatious of me right? — To challenge God, the Prophets and the Bible? I was thinking about life in Congress for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and what she deals with. I could have had that life, but I became a very politically pessimistic person, and refused to talk politics. I began to stay away from it as much as possible. But, I do not wish to bore you about politics. I am getting my mind back up under me. . .you know, the things that originally inspire you. Everyday, I think of ways to improve here.

Here is something to take with you: the term “theosophist,” like “activist,” does not imply a kind of finality of knowledge and destination. It implies what you engage in and with and what you study and aspire to. I have never claimed to be a proficient in what I study, nor do I say you have to be one to engage in the discussion.

Now, a little over a year ago, I was a complete and utter emotional wreck. I will not discuss it. It was many things that came to boiling point, and perhaps my inability at the time to understand myself and the situations I got in. I can only say, I have been far more sane and happier today, especially in understanding the nature of loneliness. I am not totally free of old thoughts. Feelings come in cycles, quite minimally now, and I use them to observe myself. They can creep up and overtake the mind and body in a time of crisis if you’re not careful. It seems for a year straight now, I have gotten better at maintaining a pretty fine balance. In comparison to my sad state then, today . . . I am more healthy and strong. I mean, really mentally strong. I am clear-headed and the fogginess has dissipated. It is better I should think partly, because of my life’s simplicity and my family. I love my sister very much. That is also why. She was the real reason why I first created this idea. There is much more to do.

Today, I just want to thank my old friends who saved and helped me then, whom I have not since properly thanked.

To you. Thank you Joan, Diana Z., Mariya & Joshua.

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