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I Predict This Scenario for the 2020 Presidential Election and Years After


Describing my political frustrations at the moment, and why I made a commitment to not writing articles here covering this election, but have been vocal on my social media. I made a very accurate prediction last election. This is the only time I will write about my prediction and hopes for this Presidential election.


I do not know if some people even listen to me, or they listen and it’s a “I just don’t want to listen” thing, or I am just unknown, or because I am saying something someone does not want to hear. Yes, I am speaking personally to those who do not want to listen, because I will continue to use my voice to give my different opinions, which I think are valuable. People say, everyone’s opinion is not worth being valued, but crappy opinions trend every day, so I do not know how to get into that club. But, to get to it — Yes, I predicted the Presidential Victory of Donald J. Trump last election, the very moment he famously came down the elevator five years ago to his Presidential Announcement.

Friends laughed and joked about it. I was serious. I said, “he is going to win.” It was not my support for him. I knew it. All the candidates were typical, vanilla, and boring, and the Media and Americans were responding to what was classic modern-day American TV Reality entertainment. Trump was unpredictable, and made his opponents gulp in action, and appear emasculated in their body language. Vic Berger would have me constantly laughing in his compilations demonstrating this. I knew Bernie would not make it last election, because he did not possess the same passionate toughness. Sen. Sanders let all kind of people walk over him, and the Democrats basically made fun of him. This did not read over well to audiences. I remember a particular point, I knew it was over for him, because he was not going to fight hard enough against the media, which pretty much helped Trump. He changed that in this election, but it was not enough. So, his time was and is up.

I knew Hillary Clinton would lose, because she heavily relied on her identity as a woman, and was too cocky; and because she was cocky and dismissive of Trump’s prowess and domination, she was not prepared to debate him. Many Americans were offended by Hillary, and next to this was a flurry of conspiracy theories, which I even tackled against then. Women after the debates would explain how Trump was treating her, and standing behind her and so forth. No one cared. It portrayed Hillary Clinton as not tough for the job, but a child, spoiled, and whiny. This was a mistake. But, that was how people felt. This was not how I essentially thought Trump would secure his victory. I predicted that the electoral college, business owners and corporate execs would help him ensure his victory, and for a time benefit from Trump’s policies. He was mostly making promises to them, when you saw through the Populist Right rhetoric.


I observe the geopolitical situation of the world and moments, and I am able to read the situations and make predictions about the direction of things, but not well in the area of economics. Economics is my weak-point, but I have insight and the ability to put things together very well. You can take my word for it, or not. When Donald Trump won, I was in a suite with Republicans mostly and Democrats, and not all of the Republicans there supported Trump, but they were essentially enthused that it was a victory for the Republican Party and Conservatives against the Progressives and “Radical Left,” as a kind of temporary bulwark in the “culture war.” It is essentially that reason, many still need the Republicans to win, but as you will see, I find this counter-productive. For a short stint of time during that period, I did begin in my investigation to be influenced by Right-wing talking points in ways I did not before, that you find typically held by Conservatives. I did not always think that way, and many things eventually led me back out of that thinking to continue my research into American history, and correct my mistaken positions or perspective on history. There were several people, channels, my own research, and so forth that helped with that, because I did acquire some cognitive dissonance. I was mentally in a knot, figuring out how did I get there. It was very brief, but the damage I had caused to people that knew me was irreversible. I had already pushed people away, because I felt they were not already supportive of me. So, there were other personal things going on with me. But, I do not want to make this entry long and talk about that. I was very clear when I said a year ago on my social media, that I will not be covering this election. I just want to talk about a few things.


I am put in a difficult position (not who to vote for but as to where am I scale-wise), because I do not consider myself a “Progressive” at all, and I am so utterly disgusted by the Conservative position, that I have sought out for “Alternatives.” “Alternatives” . . . I completely used that word on purpose as a joke, but if you have been reading my articles since I began, I loathe the “Alt-Right.”

I have been observing the Paleo-Conservatives and so forth since the 5th-6th grade of Elementary, meaning I knew about these people that think like Donald Trump, Right-Libertarians and the Alt-Right before it was Alt-Right. It was not as clear to me, that Donald Trump was more than incredibly willing to accommodate and make room for these people, despite on the big stages, claiming to not support them. He thinks exactly like the loons I had always avoided. Thus I am not wrong when I say, I was always interested in politics, but I became incredibly pessimistic and apathetic about politics at some point in college, in reaction to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. So, when the last election came, I scared away many people, because when I decided to come out with my views they were Center-Right, and I knew from hanging out with people that were Liberal, that they just hated the other side, no matter the nuances of the person’s outlook and life experiences. This genuine passionate political animosity is something I did not understand, until Donald Trump took office. Now, saying where I was politically on the scale really told you nothing about me, because my views were also not typical. I no longer say that I am Center-Right. Some said, that my thinking is ‘Third Positionist,’ which would mean “Fascism” but I am adamantly opposed to racism, race science and supremacism, racial separatism, integralism and ethnocentrism. This would not be accurate, because I make sharp distinction between the two claimants to Roman heritage and legacy – Fascism and Republicanism. Fascism has been refuted. Not even the most compassionate or head-strong Fascist could save Fascism, because the majority of people that identify with Fascist ideology are racists, Larpers, delusional, pretenders, ethnocentrists, and mentally disturbed pseudo-National Socialists. We already have won ours, and have our government, though it is incredibly imperfect and hypocritical, beyond what I can say here.

Republican Philosophy and Representative Democracy is what the United States system developed beyond the Roman, French and British, but it does share certain of the strong classical virtues and qualities with Fascism. You can attribute this to the general old ways of thinking of people and in the culture, but these things came before Fascism. Fascism is an inherently anti-liberal and anti-enlightenment project, that believes Democracy is a fantasy; and in its place, should be a Totalitarianism governed by a national hero. They are not the same. What some people are predicting today on the Right is the decline of Liberalism. The ‘Post-Liberal’ faction of American thinkers on the Right have cropped up as of late in place of the vacuum the internet censors have created as a result of getting rid of alot of spaces, of anything or anybody related to Fascism, Nazis, or the Alt-Right. I believe, certain people who claim to be contemporary Fascists, as I have said many times from actual observations are sociopathic in their beliefs and ideas, even cartoonishly evil, but they mostly today are degenerate fat men with Cheeto-balls in their beard on their way to the local Proud Boy fighting bout in shields with the Liberals and Leftists on any given cloudy day. In my view, the ideal portrayal of the Conservative man has greatly degenerated, and they can’t hide it anymore.


I am familiar with these spaces. I am neither a Christian, “Pagan” or “Atheist.” So, there’s that. Religion is an issue for me, because the understanding about religion I wish was so greatly inculcated in humanity generally at this time does not even exist, not counting Pluralist and Interfaith efforts. I believe, humanity needs to essentially move on from the influence of the three monotheisms, and especially Christianity, with its dogma of the Trinity and Jesus-worship. I think of the religion as having essentially scammed the world, despite the good it has done. The main reason I mention Christianity is because many Traditionalist Conservatives and Post-Liberal thinkers are fixated on Restoring Western Culture and the Christian Church. They blame the decline of the Christian Church on the things I study for example as a scapegoat. Hence, much of my work is in refuting Christianity, which has never intended on making any room for people like us; and also in my view inaccurately portrays the ancient world, the history and the traditions of the world. Although, this approach is an extreme position in offense many will not take too kindly to, definitely Conservatives, even the mild contemporary Theosophist. I hardly know if I can claim to be a Theosophist, given the slight and sly disrespect I have felt from some of their members in the past, who not only do not know me, but misunderstand my hopes and aspirations for my idea. So, my lack of footing, of a definite identity I can give name to contributes not only to misunderstanding, but a lack of support. It is because I believe what I am searching for has to be created, or again, does not exist yet. A few Theosophists, e.g., supportive members of the ULT in the UK, I have been notified do watch over the development of my work.

Nevertheless, back to politics, politically ‘Center-Right’ is how I at first considered myself if anyone was going to ask me; though I went through college trying to understand “The Left” and various movements. This is perhaps why many friends felt betrayed, or couldn’t believe I was aligning myself with Conservatism, which I no longer do, but their reactions entrenched into me the belief that Liberals were in fact close-minded and intolerant themselves. I no longer hold this against people. I understand it better. This does not mean I do not think in a liberal way – I seek many experiences, spaces, and people and try and make sense of it. But, I also knew from being around many ideological Liberals and Leftists, who they hated. I hated that they hated the Right so much, I came to hate the Left. Each side believed only their side existed and should govern the country, and I found that this meant, our Democracy was a sham. An illusion. That the two wanted to kill each other, and perhaps, should be let loose to do so. But, I thought this out of frustration, because of feeling constrained by two political parties that became extremely polarized.


This election, I am voting for and openly supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, without a doubt, and I predict the Biden-Harris ticket will win and be a great boon for the country and restore our standing in the world among nations. Think of this however you will.

A Conservative YT Allie Beth Stuckey says, “Voting for Trump is a vote against Radical Leftist Ideology.” I think she is very wrong and in denial. It isn’t, at all. It is simple to understand. Are you ready? By voting Trump, you ensure an insurmountable victory for Democrats and Left-Progressives. Donald Trump has made it worse for the Right in the long-term. Americans will not forget how horrible of a President and person he was. The Left, Progressives, Liberals – whatever, will keep making the same particular mistakes they make, but the American Right has made their position incredibly difficult.


No one will forget this terrible administration. They have sullied every single argument and quality the Right portrayed itself as: Moral, Christian (though theocratic and dominionist), Patriotic. That is gone. It’s a chimera. The tactic of portraying their political adversaries as devoid of those qualities can be easily shut down. It is like the one most embarrassing thing a high-school freshmen did, and has to go through their entire school years being remembered as “that kid who.” The White House seat is sullied. By having supported Donald Trump this long, it is incredibly easy to verbally obliterate anyone in a debate in a thousand ways. I will say it once and only once: There is no ‘Case for Trump,’ who never even won the Popular Vote. Conservatives clutching onto political power are passing that power onto a next generation of Conservative Post-Trumpists trained in deceit and weak history about the so-called “Democratic KKK Plantation” who won’t learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

The time to save face was many yesterdays ago. They now mirror Trump’s very unsane psychology itself, and I got off the Conservative train four years ago. Four, and have been chewing them up ever since. It is the greatest regret of my life, but I must disappoint once again for some, because although I am not a Trump supporter, nor identify as Conservative, I am kind of in political limbo. I am not a Progressive, but I resist, because I believe it is right. I want a new culture and political ideal to strive for, regardless of how many do not care, which is why I study the history of Republicanism and Democracy. It has greatly benefited me, because I find that there could be an expression more superior, in my opinion, to the Democrat, Libertarian and Republican option . . . and that isn’t full of racist dotards and Mad Max cosplayers ready to beat up on some “soy boy Leftists” . . . Yay.

The Republican doesn’t want to listen to people like me, because they have become a Trump cult, and Democrat-Progressives will run, because I’m a little fringe. But, that’s okay. I had to learn to accept whatever is. This is the hope of social media. I hope, there are people who listen … or rather, read.

I predict a twelve year political drought in major offices for the American Right, which to me has to be given that amount of time to sink into the Party and people on the Right all across the country. So, it is not even merely a prediction, but what I think has to happen, because the Right will just not get it otherwise, until it is hopeless. This was supposed to happen after Mitt Romney lost his election, but for some, the “miraculous” happened and Trump was elected. Some people have become like Steve Bannon, on some Crusade to “Restore the West,” full of envy and psychotic rage like Roger Stone…

…But Bannon’s cooked right now for his fraudulent actions, like all those like him on their Right-wing and Alt-Right Crusades. The Republican Party is not only lost, the Right need to continue to lose the next election, the second after that, and the third til they succumb and begin to self-doubt and reflect, because no one is doing that at this point, and the Republicans Against Trump and the Lincoln Project aren’t saving the Republican Party anytime soon . . . anytime. Republicans do not think long-term. They get in, cause trouble, then play around again. They’re not playing Chess. They have no plan. Zero. The leaders only care about their money and staying in power. What they have done, I truly believe has led to a long political drought to come, which could have been avoided. You had everything. Many on the Right describe the tactics of the Left as continuously moving the goalposts, and they say they can’t keep up, because the Left moves it whenever the Right makes concessions, and so they can never win. Tomorrow’s Conservative is Yesterday’s Liberal, or something like that is said. Well, leeching onto Trump though makes this an indefinite cycle. My argument and belief is that, right now and for a great deal of time, nothing can be done for Republicans. No argument about the stocks and Dow gains, or how “Democrats destroy cities” will save them. No makeup can cover the lies and ugliness we have seen these past four years. The Republican Party may need to die.

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