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Rant about Anti-Masonry, Conspiracies and Religious Division

Sometimes, I do not feel like writing, and feel like making my blog private as a notebook for myself, and call it quits, because I really think people like fantasy and conspiracies more than simple, boring truths. It’s the backfire effect also. Many of us still believe, if we keep explaining things to people, they will come around. Centuries go by, and we are still no further ahead. Anti-Masonry involves all of us, and the beliefs people have.

It is not difficult to study the history and knowledge underlying the ancient systems so much known as the Mysteries (pertaining to Life and our connection to the vast Unseen World) even then, including in our times and surviving, Freemasonry, by gathering readily available and difficult yet accessible information. There are libraries in the world, collections, certain shops and access to academic spaces needed. People who engage in this research thoroughly, consulting the best of scholars do not come out with such outlooks. It is impossible to be legitimate, using legitimate sources to come away with these conspiracies.

All that can be said of the secrets of Freemasonry are literally available and fully accessible to the public in books, but people are not interested in this knowledge! I have on multiple occasions encouraged not to be open with such people, as they are ungrateful. I don’t care that I said it.

Some Freemasons are trying to reach people, and some are simply doing what they actually are meant to do — philanthropy and service, but people do not even trust that. People would rather sit and listen to a person that claims to have been a high initiate in this or that order they escaped, or as they broadly put it, in “the occult.” Then, they become Catholic, or Muslim and claim to be free from the fitnah of this world, or the satanism of “the Occult.”

It is one among several signs that such a person is ignorant of what he speaks, but who is yet confident enough to spread this ignorance to other superstitious people. And sadly, history goes on this way, with the reputation of certain individuals and organizations, including their heirs taking the damage. There are some that have told me they do not like my direct approach. There are people that say ignore those people. Right, until we are so blind, that one day comes again, when having been ignorant of how people are feeling and thinking in the world, the people come for our heads after years of conspiracies influencing them. It is difficult not being able to be open about the things you believe in to people who hate the very thing you are.

And this is not even a problem of the Masons, as I am no Freemason, but I know what they go through. Even the theosophical Adepts appear to have been frustrated in their attempts. If I was to really speak my mind on these things, I would be somewhere debating some theologian or mullah, or confronting the religious authorities of this world, but then again, I’d be by myself. No one would help. You have to garner the world’s attention, and there’s no one like that at this time.

I thought of all those times being with Muslims, and hearing them say things about “those Sufis” and crazy Shi’a. This infighting turned me off from Islam. I do not have time for their attitudes, and divisions. In Christianity, I have heard it all. They all believed me to be someone they had to convert, because no matter what I say, I am wrong. I cannot accept feeling so splintered and fragmented with identity within identity within identity trying to belong to these religions. Religion is not just a private thing between Man and one’s God, when so much of the majority from a religion ostracizes you.

People don’t even want to learn, or ask anything politely. They seem to already know everything, so what more do they want to know? It is always all psychological reaction. They have preconceived notions about our subjects and beliefs, but actually want to continue holding on to their notions, against any other kind of perspective. And I hate it. I have hated it all my life. All my life I have experienced the negative effects of group psychology, although religions encourage the importance of community.

What about those who don’t fit in, or are pushed out!

This person walks in a Freemasonic lodge, or store and see a bunch of symbols, some antiques and checkered floors and they are shocked.

Look at this guy’s shocked face and read the ridiculous comments about a completely innocent display of this Freemason Lodge’s interior. What is so sinister?

Then, they go into a Mosque or Church decked in gold and the height of ceilings reaching storied buildings, but that is normal? You have Catholics in those comments agreeing with Muslims, but who in their Muslim spaces talk about how Catholics are lost and idolaters. Yet, when it comes to Freemasonry, this is the enemy. . .yet, majority of world leaders are Muslims and Christians? They say Freemasons control the world, but look at the perspective of the Atheist, who see that it is the Christians and Muslims that control and determine so much of how people think about life.

There is no healthy, vital, large, esteemed, successful association, that embraces eclecticism and comradery between the religions. None have managed to break the same barrier we all face — the prejudices of the masses. I doubt there could be. There will always be such an association only able to influence a hundred, thousand, or a hundred thousand. Freemasonry has 6 million members. I’d be happy to just even assemble a small group from 2-100. Large numbers only matter in our age, because the delusions and misinformation are so large. You need as large a number as the misinformed to mitigate effects. However, if Freemasonry was even larger, people would still find ways to hate them, and be suspicious.

Things like Freemasonry, mysticism, esotericism do not appeal to the masses, and are not meant to. So why people want to be so nosy? What satisfaction do they get from learning what they do? Should we make all fraternities, even in colleges open? They aren’t really interested, and so they should remain being kept ignorant, because they are not of good heart. Full of superstition and conspiracy, no such person could learn. Such a person does not possess what is necessary to learn anything, like hogs, they will run you over for their pickings. Like the rabble that raped and killed Hypatia. Like grave-robbing thieves, they are not of good intention.

No one wants to speak up vocally and openly, among those who profess beliefs as we do. Silence is tiresome, and speaking out is tiresome. We pretend to live in peace, in a bubble and all-is-well in the world, when we have not managed to make a single dent in the minds of the masses. It is like everything we teach never makes it through, and when it does, it becomes so distorted and perverted, that it comes back against us. I do not just speak of Theosophists. I speak about many orders that have connections to or roots in the Mysteries and in Freemasonry. Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have some connection to this narrative, whether antagonist or not, and yet that is not the established narrative.

They each stupidly try to construct narratives, that pit each religion against each other, and who is more idolatrous than the other. Interfaith and inter-religious dialogue at this point acts as a neutralizer, especially whenever it is organized and managed under the Catholic Church. I have seen the truth, that people of their respective religions really do hate, or dislike each other behind the diplomacy.

We have so-called occultists that embrace Right-wing or Left-wing politics, and produce platforms that create more conspiracy and confusion. My platform avoids this, because many of these people are ridiculous with their special theories, about aliens and Saturn-worship. They don’t know nothing, and yet are able to influence hundreds of thousands of people. Then, people like me get piled on by those people, who do not even want to listen. They claim to worship Jesus. These same people would be dragging his face across the desert floor. The people can be directed to believe anyone is an enemy. That is the path to true despotism.

“Some Muslims not only believe that Illuminati actually exists, but claim that it is serving the Zionist agenda — which can be traced back to the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, perhaps among the world’s biggest frauds, continuing to fuel conspiracy theorists’ wet dreams nearly 100 years since it was exposed as forgery in English paper The Times in 1921.” (How Muslims came to fear Freemasons)

I have met plenty who do. This is truly a complex mess, and yet the people are made to believe that it is all one singular plot involving politicians. This or that famous person in some organization confirms a conspiracy. It is not different from all of those ancient classical writers, that belonged to the same kind of schools, cults and organizations people make no similar fuss over. Born from these institutions of the Mysteries came esteemed poets, statesmen, great soldiers, and philosophers. Surely, you want an order, an ideal capable of achieving such things with comrades. I have seen every outlook against the Freemasons, from Muslims to the White Identitarians. All these people might as well help each other, and create a federation of Anti-Masons along with those racist bastards and their political conspiracies.

Each trying to find a way to make the particular religion, sect, or political ideology they belong to the truth that will save the world in their outlook. Anti-Masonry is a dangerous gateway conspiracy.

It is not possible to understand any of the things I write with such perspectives, because there are all kinds of people saying different kinds of things. I do not wish to be friendly with, nor to people with such perspectives, nor do I care to change their minds. They are deluded, and are full of baggage, that is not my job to unpack.

I make it through writing, because I will focus only on writing for those that will already understand. I have nothing to convert anyone to.

We have tried everything possible, and those before us have seen the futility of their own optimism dealing with human ignorance long before social media and YouTube, and mostly all come away with the same somber realization, and return to seclusion.

Why not be secretive in such a world, especially if people are not willing to learn. I would say, make it ten times more incomprehensible to them.

Yes, we must not lose faith in the people, even if it means being dragged and bloodied. But, people like me do not live in the clouds in some monastery, or lock ourselves in some retreat, or Lodge. These perspectives surround me, and are said loudly by people to others. These are widespread beliefs. I too understand the feeling people have when they hold such suspicion about the Freemasons, except I sought to understand. Some people want everything in the open. No privacy and no secret groups, right?

Yet, everything that can be understood, even in its fundamentals are in the open, yet does not interest these people. They make up whatever they want, and prefer fantasy. I endeavored to learn these things at a very young age. At every step, I have been asked, how do I know certain things by people in various religions. It is not just reading that I value, I have as much as any other contemplated on things, practice and apply to my life. I keep my vision hidden, and pretend I know nothing to continue to observe. Yet, it makes me no better person, than the next. I too, still have to live to an old age to learn many things I do not, and cannot until I have passed a good life.

I’ve been saying for a long time that these anti-occult people seem to believe in “the occult” and “supernatural” far more than we do. It was as if they accepted the existence of a hidden, invisible world and they people it with all the fantasies their religion offers them to believe in. They claim to be against “one world religion” and yet believe in an invisible world, where all these supernatural things from all kinds of religions and invisible realms exist, but as demons.

They imagine a Freemasonic ritual is like that Disney movie scene with Moses and the talking fire bush. They are full of Harry Potter fantasy, and cannot be taught. Be wary of these disingenuous types in your circles, and strengthen your tests. They believe in talking bushes, while we continue to try and rationally explain the most basic things a child could learn, before they were to get to their nonsense. There’s something terribly wrong, and sad about that.

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