Writing Projects


The Origins of Classical Education, The Mystery Schools, and Ancient Religion

  • History and Profiles of Adepts and Unknown Superiors
  • History and Profiles of Female Philosophers and Disciples of Ancient Sages
  • History of Occult Philosophy, Theurgy and Magic
  • A Selection of Asian Philosophy and Political Theory

The Aims and History of the Bavarian Order of Illuminati

  • Johann Adam Weishaupt’s Ideas
  • Weishaupt’s early idea of the Bee Order and Perfectibilists.
  • The History of the Concept of Perfection in Theology
  • Addressing the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

The Ideological Roots of The Republican Revolutions, Liberalism and Fascism

  • History of Republicanism in North, Central, and South America
  • The Ideological Roots of Fascism and Contrasts between the Roman and Greek State, and Enlightenment Ideology