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The Spanish Alumbrados: Origin of the Term ‘Illuminati’

def. Illuminati Helena P. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary (published in 1892), references the term “Illuminati” and defines it, from Latin, as a reference to the “Enlightened,” or the initiated adepts† (Lat. adeptus. “an expert”). The term is the past participle of illuminare, meaning to “light up,” or “illuminate.” The […]

Lewis Loflin’s “Debunking Theosophy”

Lewis Loflin’s “Debunking Theosophy”

Lewis Loflin’s Debunking Theosophy and Psychological Manipulation and Society (Joseph P. Szimhart’s review) are two critiques of the Theosophical Society, high in the index. The link is there to review. A common criticism in religious and historical research on Modern Theosophy — since its first expositions in Sinnett’s […]


Helena Blavatsky Biography Russian Documentary

HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY. BEST DOCUMENTARY (ENGLISH DUBBED) FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS ALSO HIGHLY REFLECTIVE AND INFORMATIVE. The fascinating life of H.P.B. Helena Petrovna von Hahn was born in Dnepropetrovsk (Ekaterinoslav), a town in Southern Russia (now Ukraine), under the Romanov Dynasty, and old Russian Empire. […]

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