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C. Jinarajadasa, Freemasonry, and the Hidden-Hand Theory

Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, a second-generation theosophist, mason, and fourth international president of the Theosophical Society, from 1945-1953, had promoted the idea that the Yogi initiates of the Himalayas and Masters, were the hidden invisible government of the world§. A.P. Sinnett also gave this incorrect impression, that […]

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Rebuttal of Rene Guenon’s Critique of Modern Theosophy

The objective of this article on René Guénon’s critique of Theosophy, or Theosophism is to honestly outline his analysis in Le théosophisme: Histoire d’une pseudo-religion, and not to react to it defensively. Guénon calls the theosophy of the T.S. generally pseudo-Theosophy (or Theosophism) and ‘pseudo-Christianity.’ He […]

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