Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel: “I’m All Fired Up” Theme

“What god, what hero and what man will we celebrate?” τίνα θεόν, τίν’ ἥρωα, τίνα δ’ ἄνδρα κελαδήσομεν PINDAR Captain Marvel opened with an estimated $153M domestically, the best-ever debut for a new Marvel Studios title other than Black Panther. Even better, the film earned an enormous $302M internationally, for a $455M worldwide total. Its Continue reading Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel: “I’m All Fired Up” Theme

Alighieri’s vision: Giovinezza – 1922 (First Version)

“Salve o popolo d’eroi (Hail, people of heroes), Salve o patria immortale (Hail, immortal Fatherland), Son rinati i figli tuoi (Your sons were born again), Con la fede e l’ideale (With the faith and the Ideal), Il valor dei tuoi guerrieri (Your warriors’ valour), La virtù dei pioniero (Your pioneers virtue), La vision dell’Alighieri (Alighieri’s Continue reading Alighieri’s vision: Giovinezza – 1922 (First Version)

Death in June: Unconditional Armistice

Hilariously Perfect… “Can I trust a human? Can I trust his soul? Like pigs they link together Like pigs in a sausage roll They all think they’re individuals They all think they’re free Nietzsche said they are supermenDisplayed in a butcher’s shop to meMakes sense within a frameworkOf that Nazarene reality I wish I had Continue reading Death in June: Unconditional Armistice

Carl Orff: Ecce Gratum (“Behold, the Pleasant”)

“Behold, the Pleasant” “They gloryand rejoicein honeyed sweetnesswho striveto make use ofCupid’s prize;at Venus’ command…” ECCE GRATUM Ecce gratumet optatumver reducit gaudia,purpuratumfloret pratum,Sol serenat omnia.Iam am cedant tristia!Estas redit,nunc receditHyemis sevitia. Iam liquescitet decrescitgrando, nix et cetera,bruma fugit,et iam sugitVer estatis ubera;illi mens est misera,qui nec vivit,nec lascivitsub Estatis dextera. Glorianturte letanturin melle dulcedinis,qui conantur,ut Continue reading Carl Orff: Ecce Gratum (“Behold, the Pleasant”)