I provide in depth research into (1) theosophy, the system and philosophies of the mysteries and both their connection to the classical periods; (2) republicanism, its connection to the foundations of the U.S. political ideal, its ancient roots, practice and theory; and (3) the origins and history of Italian fascism and its philosophy. First called The Academician Theosophical, my site became the beginning of a project called THE AMERICAN MINERVAN when I decided to delve into the history of the Americas and the origins of U.S. political tradition initially as a critical reaction to Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Destiny of America,” and the correspondences between Helena P. Blavatsky, William Q. Judge and Chhabigram Dolatram on the question whether Adepts were involved in the American Revolution, to which the answer from Theosophist H.P. Blavatsky was no. The aims of the German Rosicrucians and Bavarian Illuminati, in addition to Thomas Jefferson’s brief thoughts about the Illuminati of Bavaria and the French Revolution led me to want to address this. While I attempt to confront, dissect and dismantle centuries of misconceptions about Theosophy, the task proves difficult. Conspiracy theories are at the foundation of America’s founding. This research includes the controversies and characters in the history of the nineteen-century Theosophical Movement and the historical Bavarian Order of the Illuminati versus Church history polemics. I provide Theosophical Commentaries and scholarly research about Democratic Theory and the School of Republican Tradition and its thinkers since antiquity. One of the purposes this study serves is operating as a counter to subversive far-right elements, Anti-Enlightener propaganda and certain historical revisionisms. You will find articles on Theosophy, Magic and Science, the roots of the American political tradition, Stoicism, Fascism and its origins, the history of the Ancient Mystery Traditions, interpretations of Folklore and Mythology, sketches of the History of Occult Philosophy (“The Hidden West,” or Western Esoteric Currents), with biographies of Occultists and Adepts from the Medieval Alchemists, Renaissance Platonists, Freemasons, French, German and Spanish Mystics and the Theosophists.

This history involves carefully dissecting and differentiating Theosophy from movements and ideologies such as Neo-Theosophy, New Age, Nazism, and Fascism by explaining their roots, precursors, and historical contexts. For ex., in the case of Fascism, I explore the Stoics, philosophers and poets of Italy, Mazzini, Hegel and Japanese Philosophy in the culture of the Samurai and Zen Buddhism.


The idea for MINVRA is like an allegorical struggle between two siblings. It represents the human struggle, through the myth of Minerva and Mars, the Roman god of war and protector of Rome, second only to Jupiter. Mars was seen as a virtuous figure by the more martial-oriented Romans; and the image and influence of Minerva as the goddess of wisdom still survives today, used on the seal or logo of many institutes of higher learning. Minerva here is an allusion to Republican Philosophy and Mars to Fascist Philosophy. I encourage the adoption of Stoic spiritual philosophy (which lies in the roots of republicanism), a sincere martial attitude towards life, towards spiritual and moral discipline. MINERVA as The God’s Intelligence (Divine Reason), the NOUS, the deliverer, liberator, and savior is a befitting representation to use. Minerva is commonly used in the early American republican symbolism, inspired by early Graeco-Roman neoclassical art. The Roman MINERVA or Greek Athena is a Deity of DIVINE WISDOM (Jove’s INTELLIGENCE). It is synonymous with the combined Greek meaning of THEOS and SOPHIA. The Roman MINERVA was represented in art and myth as a warrior with: — Valor, Wisdom-Intelligence, and Grace. In myth and art, we find Minerva tempering her opposing principle: the aggressive warlike deity — MARS (Ares).

“I reigned in days when earth could bear with gods, and divinities moved freely in the abodes of men. The sin of mortals had not yet put Justice to flight (she was the last of the celestials to forsake the earth): honour’s self, not fear, ruled the people without appeal to force: toil there was none to expound the right to righteous men. I had naught to do with war: guardian was I of peace and doorways, and these,” quoth he, showing the key, “these be the arms I bear.” The god now closed his lips. Then I thus opened mine, using my voice to lure the voice divine.”


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