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Tag: Helena P. Blavatsky

The Occult Nature of Women

The station of every woman is not, nor ever could be solely confined to the kitchen, childbearing, and notions about her inferiority. Being mortal first and foremost, they dream and […]

Blavatsky vs. Hitler, List and Liebenfels on Race

Introduction The foundations of the 17th-19th century ‘Traditional Theosophy’ still developing in the Academies and under scholars, and specifically the exposition of ‘trans-Himalayan esotericism’ propagated by H.P. Blavatsky, her colleagues […]

‘The snub-nosed Saxons’ [Borderland Magazine, 1894]

THE SNUB-NOSEDSAXONS Borderland Magazine, October 15th, 1894 tributehighlights influence of Blavatsky in the successful periodsof the theosophical movement on the cultural milieu.  “If everything be true that Dr. Hodgson and the […]