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Oswald Mosley’s Ideal of Fascism


Oswald Mosley, a British Fascist, contributor to Third Positionism, and once seen to be a future leader of the Conservative and Labour parties, advocated a completely integrated pan-European State. This State would combine, in his vision, all of the European genius, he orates, which would be able to compete with the United States and the Soviet Union.

“And my friends, it is not only a matter of winning independence, of making a Third Force in the world! We can make a Third System! Therefore we can bring together the science, the modern science which the genius of the European has created. We can bring together three millennia of culture, of art, and of the European tradition! And when we have brought together modern science and classic wisdom, then at last we’ve got the balance of the world, and some sanity back into the affairs of men.”

Oswald Mosley believed in his ideals, conceiving through his vision, Fascism as “a creed of dynamic change and progress.”

The movement did not begin with the intellectuals and the theorists, he states, but was “born from a surging discontent with a regime where nothing can be achieved,” and “faced by the fact that a few people have misused the name Fascism in this country, and from ignorance or in perversion have represented it as the “White Guard of reaction.” This is indeed a strange perversion of a creed of dynamic change and progress.

“In all countries, Fascism has been led by men who came from the Left and the rank and file has combined the Conservative and patriotic elements of the nation with ex-Socialists, ex-Communists and revolutionaries who have forsaken their various illusions of progress for the new and orderly reality of progress.” “In fact Fascism is the greatest constructive and revolutionary creed in the world. It seeks to achieve its aim legally and constitutionally, by methods of law and order; but in objective it is revolutionary or it is nothing” Mosley explained.

Another glimpse into the rationale of Mosley, is when he spoke of the exploitation of non-Anglo peoples for cheap labor in the society during the beginnings of multiracial and multicultural policies in Britain.

“It is childish nonsense to say that a British Government rules Britain. It’s nothing to do with British Government or the British People! The government of the world is the financial government – the power of money and of money alone!”

Also, he speaks about the shift of historic economic, or financial power from Great Britain to New York’s Wall Street and U.S. private banking institution. A masterful orator and political agitator of his day that preached authoritarian leadership, he argued that the people could and should make a third system, that united classical wisdom and the modern sciences, embodying all the cultural advancements and intelligence of the peoples of Europe.

Oswald Mosley argued, that immigration was being used as capitalist and corporate exploitation.

“We pointed out, the lines of policy then being pursued, were bound to end in disaster. They talked of what they called ‘multiracialism’, which was simply a universal mix-up. Take humanity, put it in a bag, shake it together, and Heaven knows what would come out. They wanted to get rid of what existed. All the little grey people of the world, who hate the beautiful diversity of human development, they always want to get rid of the natural, the noble and the beautiful. They wanted to get rid of it; they wanted to make all nature as grey as themselves. It was their deep instinct. We were always opposed to that. We said: no, it won’t work, and it’s undesirable that it should work. We can live in peace and friendship, side by side, in separate nations and separate developments, but we cannot have the mix-up of peoples and races who are widely different and divergent; it will lead to nothing but trouble.

This policy of mixture, what does it really mean? It doesn’t mean ‘freedom’; it doesn’t mean ‘brotherhood’ or any of the cant and humbug which is taught. That is just the mask for some of the vilest forces on earth to exploit the peoples in the future, as they have done in the past. Every one of us in this hall was old enough to see before the War, every one of you know what happened; how the financial forces in the thirties went into these backward countries: into India within the Empire, into Hong Kong, into Japan, into China, and exploited these peoples to produce cheap sweated goods, which ruined the great industries of Britain and of Europe, which put Lancashire out of business in the cotton trade, Yorkshire out of business in the woollen trade. And these poor devils of coolies were exploited for a wage of a few shillings a week, for what purpose? To enable the city of London and Wall Street New York to make fatter profits…!

That is why it was done; that was the whole purpose, but with what result? China thrown into the arms of Communism, the largest population in the world, simply tossed as a present to Communism, because if you treat people like that, it’s the only possible result. If there’s no one to save them, no one to help them, and they’ve simply been ground into poverty, and sweating and exploitation, what can you expect, except they go Communist as they did, and all these countries which have been exploited, thrown and tossed aside by finance, and now becoming the victims of Communism, so finance seeks fresh fields of exploitation. Where do they turn, when the old people are exhausted, when many a poor labourers died of consumption and of other horrible diseases in their sweatshops, or when their exhausted fields of exploitation; where do they turn now? New pastures, new forests, fresh virgin land, and then you erect a Union Jack, or another flag of Europe, and under that flag where you allow these things to happen as we have done in the past, and those poor devils are going to be sweated and exploited in Africa, like the other poor devils in China, India, and Japan. A great new field for sweatshops to be opened up, so that these new industries, which we’re creating in Britain today, will be destroyed as the old industries were: simplified, rationalised machinery, with a few White surveyors, and then the masses of cheap coloured labour, torn off the land and taken into the sweatshops to work and labour and cough their guts out with tuberculosis, until they too are thrown on the scrapheap of the sweatshops. Is that worthy of Britain? Is that to be the future of Europe? And is this competition to be organised within our European brotherhood? Bringing in these sweat-fields in Africa, into our Europe civilisation, so that the financial power in one European country can use it against the financial power in another? All the great financial central power of the world, now shifted from the city of London to Wall Street New York, shall be able, on the mass of money, of wealth, and of power, which it brings to it, again and again, to exert its influence in politics, until as you see today, it is childish nonsense to say that a British government rules Britain! It’s nothing to do with British government or the British people! The government of the world is the financial government, the power of money and of money alone!”

When presenting his views on race and Jews to the British public, he tried to conceal his attitudes, and portray himself as reluctant and unenthusiastic towards anti-Jewish attitude, but rational against Jewish aggression.

Oswald Mosley on race stated for example in questions on Fascism, that:

“It is utterly untrue that the British Union is largely a racialist movement. (…) For as its followers are fervent believers in the Empire, and as the empire contains scores of races, to be anti any one race is a contradiction in terms. If the Jews place Jewry first, we are against them; but if they place Britain first they have nothing to fear. And the same applies to all other races, cults, and creeds.” Oswald Mosley further attempts to explain, “I am not an anti-semite. Anti-semitism is hatred of all Jews on account of their race. I attack some Jews on account of what they do, but I never attack any Jew on account of his birth. I never attack a man on account of his race or religion. If a Jew does something against the interests of Britain or of Europe, he should be attacked like anyone else. He should not be attacked because he is a Jew, but equally he should not be immune from criticism because he is a Jew” (Oswald Mosley, Mosley—Right or Wrong, 1961, pg. 131)

In La Dottrina del Fascismo early Italian Fascism was said to be founded on the concept of national unity, or the nation, more than on the call for racial unity. This work stated, that the nation is defined as “a multitude unified by an idea.” Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile called their spiritual conception of life, or political worldview and that of the nation, Mazzinianism, or the ‘Mazzinian Conception.’

However, Mussolini, whom Mosley met, was concerned with the birth-rates of whites, saying that whites were morally and physically sick and ruined.

Mussolini stated, that: “The singular, enormous problem is the destiny of the white race. Europe is truly towards the end of its destiny as the leader of civilization” (Aaron Gillette, Racial theories in fascist Italy, p. 43), and he advocated eugenics as its solution.

Under Mussolini’s rule, the Italian fascist government committed ethnic-cleansing on Slovenes, and were prejudiced against Roma people. In 1938, the Fascists passed Anti-Semitic laws which made Jews second-class citizens, and in 1943, after Mussolini was ousted out of power, 9,000 Jews were deported to Nazi concentration camps. Although, Mussolini was not in power, the foundations for such policies were supported by Mussolini concerning Jewish bankers.

In theory, under Fascism, one regardless of racial background could be considered citizens, understanding that its citizens were part of an organic expression through the unity of the people under national, civil, and historic principle.

Yet early on, Benito Mussolini in a 1921 speech in Bologna (Italy) stated, that “Fascism was born (…) out of a profound, perennial need of this our Aryan race.” In relation to Mosley’s suspicions of Wall Street in New York City, Mussolini in a 1919 speech (Mark Neocleous, Fascism. 1997, p. 35), argued that eighty-percent of the Soviet Union leaders were Jews, and that Jewish bankers in New York City and London were bound to Moscow, because of Jewish loyalty. Hence, underlying the critique of financial powers, among the Fascists, the culprit was attributed to a Judeo-Masonic plot as I will continue to explore.

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