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The Secret Doctrine Commentaries on Gods and the Seven Planetary Regents


I briefly introduced in the topic of sun-gods and fire-gods, the explanation of the ancient so-called “fire” and “sun-worshippers” held by our forebearers; and that in truth, they did not die in vain, believing wholly in superstitions, and primitive beliefs.


Apparently, those termed the Kosmocrators are a hierarchy of beings who are the rulers of the earth, or have something to do with terrestrial evolution. They are not concerned with the high spiritual Essence. Collectively, they are known as the Planetary Spirit, or Spirit of the Earth, similar to the Gnostics who taught, that the demiurge of this planet was not of a high grade.

The planetary spirits of the Earth are not as high as those of the sacred planets they teach. Yet, they assist in the formative processes of life through matter. The Kosmocrators are expressed by another term, as the invisible “builders” (the intelligent masons).

They do not belong to the hierarchies of the sacred planets. As to the Regents, or Planetary Spirit, the Christian esotericists and Kabbalists call “planetary spirits,” it could refer to all the directing influences of evolution, from the smallest particle, and the vital forces, to the highest Spirit, or celestial Intelligence. It is moreso applicable to the highest classes of high spiritual beings. What the Christians and Kabbalists, as well as the Greeks and Indians, refer to initially are of greater grade, and belong to the seven sacred planets. These Seven rule their fate, and the destinies of man, according to mythology and the occultists.

“The “Breath” of all the “seven” is said to be Bhaskara (light-making), because they (the planets) were all comets and suns in their origin. They evolve into Manvantaric life from primaeval Chaos (now the noumenon of irresolvable nebulae) by aggregation and accumulation of the primary differentiations of the eternal matter, according to the beautiful expression in the Commentary, “Thus the Sons of Light clothed themselves in the fabric of Darkness.” They are called allegorically “the Heavenly Snails,” on account of their (to us) formless INTELLIGENCES inhabiting unseen their starry and planetary homes, and, so to speak, carrying them as the snails do along with themselves in their revolution.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pg. 103.)

“As to Mars, Mercury, and “the four other planets,” they bear a relation to Earth of which no master or high Occultist will ever speak, much less explain the nature.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pp. 163-164.)

Helena Blavatsky is giving this, from the secret Commentaries. These Seven sacred “Planetary Spirits” or the “Regents,” are exactly what the Christians, or their text term the Seven Spirits (Angels, or Intelligences) of the Presence. These Entities, save the imagery common in ancient cultures, are not ordinary beings.

In Transactions, on Jan. 31., 1888, Mr. T.B. Harbottle asked H.P.B. questions.

“Q. With reference to sloka (6), where it speaks of the “Seven Lords,” since confusion is apt to arise as to the correct application of the terms, what is the distinction between Dhyan-Chohans, Planetary Spirits, Builders and Dhyani-Buddhas?” Mr. T.B. Harbottle asks.

H.P.B. remarks that elaboration on the topic would require an additional two volumes of the S.D. She further states, “Dhyan-Chohan is a generic term for all Devas, or celestial beings. A Planetary Spirit is a Ruler of a planet, a kind of finite or personal god. There is a marked difference, however, between the Rulers of the Sacred Planets and the Rulers of a small “chain” of worlds like our own.”

Mr. T.B. Harbottle asks again later:

“(…) do the Planetary Spirits of the Seven Sacred Planets belong to another hierarchy than to that of the earth?”

H.P.B. answers:

“A. Evidently; since the terrestrial spirit of the earth is not of a very high grade. It must be remembered that the planetary spirit has nothing to do with the spiritual man, but with things of matter and cosmic beings. The gods and rulers of our Earth are cosmic Rulers; that is to say, they form into shape and fashion cosmic matter, for which they were called Cosmocratores. They never had any concern with spirit; the Dhyani-Buddhas, belonging to quite a different hierarchy, are especially concerned with the latter.

Q. These seven Planetary Spirits have therefore nothing really to do with the earth except incidentally?

A. No: they have no concern with the three higher principles (…)”

Most intriguingly, H.P.B. reiterates, that what is called the terrestrial planetary spirit, or spirit of the earth is not a singular or personal God, but a collective demiurge, or a collectivity of Forces of nature. They are collectively, that Spirit themselves:

“A. (…) The “Dhyani-Buddhas” are concerned with the human higher triad in a mysterious way that need not be explained here. The “Builders” are a class called, as I already explained, Cosmocratores, or the invisible but intelligent Masons, who fashion matter according to the ideal plan ready for them in that which we call Divine and Cosmic Ideation. They were called by the early Masons the “Grand Architect of the Universe” collectively: but now the modern Masons make of their G. A. O. T. U. a personal and singular Deity.

Q. Are they not also Planetary Spirits?

A. In a sense they are — as the Earth is also a Planet — but of a lower order.”

The “Grand Architect of the Universe” (the G.A.O.T.U.) is Universal Consciousness (also called Universal Mind, or Cosmic Ideation), or what is termed, MAHAT (devanāgarī: महत्). IT is the “secret god,” and not the androgynous “goat-monkey” of instigative imagination.

It is the Planetary Spirits, also called the Masons (“builders”) of Heaven, who use for their vehicle, cosmic electricity; and they manifest through the particles of this cosmic FORCE, which is the binding unity of all existing Force and Energies, on all the planes, seen and unseen.

This is the reason ancient religions connected electricity and fire to the power of their God, rather than a mere reference to primitive fear of physical electricity. This cause, The Secret Doctrine terms — DZYÜ, or DGYÜ (rgyus), “sets in motion the law of Cosmic Evolution,” or the force resulting in cosmic motion. It is that organising power, which made the gods differentiate§ in the Theogonic accounts, from the ONE, the TWO, the THREE, into the SEVEN, etc. All the numbers are symbolic in the ancient mathematics of these phases.

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