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Fohat: The Universal Electric Entity – Danny Wilten

“When an Occultist speaks of Fohat — the energising and guiding intelligence in the Universal Electric or Vital Fluid, — he is laughed at. Withal, as now shown, neither the nature of electricity, nor of Life nor even of Light, are to this day understood. The Occultist sees in the manifestation of every force in Nature, the action of the quality, or the special characteristic of its noumenon; which noumenon is a distinct and intelligent Individuality on the other side of the manifested mechanical Universe. Now the Occultist does not deny — on the contrary he will support the claim — that light, heat, electricity and so on are affections (not properties or qualities) of matter. To put it more clearly: matter is the condition — the necessary basis or vehicle, a sine qua non — for the manifestation of these forces, or agents, on this plane. But in order to gain the point the Occultists have to examine the credentials of the law of gravity, first of all, of “Gravitation, the King and Ruler of Matter,” under every form.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, fn. pp. 493-94)

Danny Wilten on Fohat in the Occult Philosophy of Theosophy —

Second narration.

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