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Julius Evola: Christianity converted Western man only superficially

“For all practical purposes, Christianity “converted” Western man only superficially (…) In theory, the Western world accepted Christianity but for all practical purposes it remained pagan; the fact that Europe was able to incorporate so many motifs that were connected with the Jewish and Levantine view of life has always been a source of surprise among historians. Thus, the outcome was some sort of hybridism. Even in its attenuated and Romanized Catholic version, the Christian faith represented an obstacle that deprived Western man of the possibility of integrating his authentic and irrepressible way of being through a concept and in a relationship with the Sacred that was most congenial to him.” (Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World, pg. 287)


Henri Delaborde, Knights of the Order of St. John restoring Religion in Armenia.

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