Marx, Lincoln and Social Republicanism

Steven F. Hayward writes about the classical influences of the American Revolution: “Wood says that the American Revolution was a “republican” revolution. By that he means that it had intellectual […]

A Few Points about the Bible

PHILOSOPHY FIRST, CHRISTIANITY NEVER? A little advice about the Bible and monotheism that I take into account: 1. None of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions are the True Religion. Monotheism is […]

Shall I too Fall Asleep?

Some people tell me I am dramatic. In moments that mean more than they could comprehend! Bewildered by the dreary sleep those are caught in who tell me this, and […]

Carl Orff: Day, Night, and Everything (Dies, Nox et Omnia)

DIES, NOX ET OMNIADies, nox et omniamichi sunt contraria,virginum colloquiame fay planszer,oy suvenz suspirer,plu me fay temer.O sodales, ludite,vos qui scitis dicite,michi mesto parcite,grand ey dolur,attamen consuliteper voster honur.Tua pulchra […]