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“Snowlanders, are you teaching them the Wisdom?”: Samlo Ae Tang Gangchenpa by Gepe


“Snowlanders, are you teaching them (the Wisdom)?”

“Religious theory and practice, is like the inner jewel,
Its great inner meaning for the world,
Snowlanders, are you explaining it?”

“In the book known as the Avataṃsaka Sūtra, in the section on ‘the Supreme Ātman–Self—as manifested in the character of the Arhats and Pratyeka Buddhas,’ it is stated that ‘Because from the beginning, all sentient creatures have confused the truth, and embraced the false; therefore has there come into existence a hidden knowledge called Alaya Vijnāna.’ ‘Who is in the possession of the true hidden knowledge?’ ‘The great teachers of the Snowy Mountain’ (…)” (Helena Blavatsky, Tibetan Teachings, Oct. 1894)

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