Al Pacino’s Speech about God in The Devil’s Advocate

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Culture, Occult Philosophy

“I’m peaking Kevin. It’s my time now.”

This is a great scene. There is something to realize in Hollywood films. Hollywood films, majority of the time, 9/10, portray its films, in relation to religion or the supernatural, through the Judaic and Christian point-of-view. There are people who speak incessantly about an Illuminati-controlled Hollywood. I am far from a “normie” on the subject, with the exception, that I am not in fact convinced. Even when there are films on Egyptian mythology, or others, the gods are represented as evil. Symbolism is used in mocking ways, not really instructive of what students understand in Occult Philosophy.

There’d be no need for this blog, if “esotericism” were widespread.


This is all from the Judaic and Christian perspective, sometimes with a twist in interpretation. There’s the God-entity above, and the Devil — old Pluto, below. Of course, we assert, there is no God-entity above to be pointing towards, but that is the attitude we approach the subject. This scene has the perfect humor for those of dark tastes. In a way, we are peaking. The ferocity of the lower mind and egotism, are peaking. It has always been peaking throughout time. That is our sad and mortal condition and the matter to which we are enslaved, or bound, like Prometheus. But yes. in a real sense, the Devil, or what he is believed to abstractly and intimately represent [decadence, malicious evil, etc], is peaking. Once you can understand the logic of Al Pacino’s Luci, you’re on your way.

These are our civilization’s accepted myths we replay over and over, and, to a degree, it bears some truth to our mortal and moral state. Because of that, some people might sympathize with Pacino’s lines.

Especially those aware of their mortality and moral imperfection, or those embracing the two; then further, that lower and intraphysical side of nature (the animal-magnetic and psychic side). Writing from the occult view, that individual would be what the Christian regards, as those influences of a demonic nature and true demonic wisdom.

This is why an oft misquoted passage states:

‘…Lucifer, or Satan is in us. It is our mind,
Our tempter and redeemer from pure animalism.’

“I’ve nurtured every sensation man has been inspired to have!”

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