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Civic Nationalism and the Linguistic Coup on Western Values

What is Nationalism? Misunderstanding lies often in our confusion of terms and theoretical frame of reference. In the subordination of concepts, “Don’t say Civic (or Ethnic) Nationalism” says Vergilivs Rex.

Sympathies with Western tradition are being increasingly identified and repudiated as being indistinct from “white nationalist rhetoric.” Don’t be naive, and further divide by conflating nationalism and patriotism, and nationalism with racism, and worst of all, conflating an admiration for Western civilization with racism. Avoid doing this. This conflation is very intellectually dishonest.

We have alternative ideas ourselves, and any of us if capable, should lean to help intervene in these times.

Jean Béraud, La Marseilles,

Jason Willick adds:

“…the intelligentsia is now flirting with an intellectually indefensible linguistic coup: Characterizing any appeal to the coherence or distinctiveness of Western civilization as evidence of white nationalist sympathies. Such a shift, if accepted, would so expand the scope of the term “alt-right” that it would lose its meaning. Its genuinely ugly ideas would continue to fester, but we would lose the rhetorical tools to identify and repudiate them as distinct from legitimate admiration for the Western tradition. To use a favorite term of the resistance, the alt-right would become normalized.” (Jason Willick, The alt-right is an attack on Western values. Liberals shouldn’t surrender so easily, 2017 July 14)


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