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Solace and Inspiration in Gustav Mahler’s “Symphony of a Thousand”

Dear child, grow and become strong, skilled, and wise. In the arts, in music and instruments, in your voice, and in how to feel the air, and touch the clouds with your creative impulse and love of knowledge. Discover it in you — the mind of things, reflected in your being. That is how we found our god. Be brave young one. You carry in you the might of a thousand symphonies. Embrace its overwhelming touch. Learn to contemplate on the joys, and learn from the pain; and to hold on to that which is good and tender. Be sweet, and full of laughter; and even in sorrow, lift your head up to the starry heavens . . . dream.

Dream little one!

The story you see, began long before any of us.

From where have we come?

The wise say, we shall return back from whence we came.

You carry a fearsome strength in you. What is it you ask? The source of your regeneration.

It is Courage

“Rise again, yes, rise again…”


Come forward, through the grace of that SPLENDOR. Show forth (!) —

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