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Antisemitism and Normalization of Conspiracy Theory about Jews

Do Jews control the world? No. This is a very revealing perspective of those that propagate it. How many of the chief executive officers of any of the major banking institutions are Jewish? Isn’t the banking system itself in Israel mired in bureaucracy? There are many sides against and targeting Jews, and also there are religious and political factions within Israel itself to take into account.

The statement “Jews control the world” is argued in the positive and negative by both Jew and non-Jew alike. As a Jewish friend perked up with a smile and replied to me, “We do! Jews are very talented!” is a very different statement from “A Jewish cabal controls everything! I can’t say anything, or they’ll get me.” These are the ravings of someone with both a wholehearted belief and conspiratorial paranoia in what they are saying, amplified by their mental episode, while using their insider celebrity status and the public’s fears and beliefs in conspiracies.

When you walk the streets and see a Jew, do you compare yourself to a Jew, or think, that Jew controls the world? Your Jewish friend has a nice family, nice cushion financially. Are you jealous? Do you ask yourself or assume that Jew over there has deep pockets? Persons with such views typically begin their sentences with, “I don’t hate the Jews but ‘they’ (enter generalization).” This attributes sameness to Jews, and the belief that everything positive about and attained by any individual Jew should be interpreted negatively or is part of a concerted effort for Jewish control of the world. The phrase, “Jews control the banks, the media and the arts” is not a true statement. First, understand the history about how Jews got into the arts and the need and love of music and performance during struggle. A concern in the Jewish communities is that the Jewish population numbers are dwindling. Jews only number 2% of the American population, while the “progressive revelations” in Christianity and Islam combined continue to occupy a great portion of our species’ thinking and imagination on this planet. Many Jews have and continue to “contribute to the world” and stress the importance of education and success, is a much better and accurate statement, than saying “Jews control.” It is a very weak and embarrassing position to hold, that say more about the person than the Jews. Jews control what? Do you know of the rising poverty of Jews? You think every Jew is rich? Do you even interact with Jews and organizations within the Jewish community? This has been my fieldwork. The observation I made years ago is, that what I’ve been told what the Jews think about their beliefs and the concept of what “chosen people” means by outsiders differ from what the Jews actually think and teach about their concepts. I also observed that their various familial and communal philosophies, values and strategies were very inspiring, and ought to be commended or adopted, rather than inspire jealousy and hatred embarrassingly masked under a veneer of racial pride.

“…our culture faces a flood of conspiracism. And inevitably, with the rise of conspiratorial thinking comes a surge in anti-Semitism. As another comedian famously said, “That train is never late.” The progression is as dependable as it is depressing. Conspiracy theorists begin by rejecting mainstream explanations for social and political events in favor of supposedly suppressed knowledge and hidden hands. These individuals may not start out as anti-Semites. But anti-Semitism has a multi-thousand-year head start on their crooked conception of the world, and has produced centuries of material casting the Jews as its chief culprit. Once a person has convinced themselves that an invisible hand is manipulating the masses, they are just a couple of Google searches away from discovering that it belongs to an invisible Jew.

Yair Rosenberg, Chappelle Was Right

Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from the Caucasus Mountains and the Khazars? No. Incredibly ridiculous false narrative, which usually echoes Black racialism, outdated colonialist theories about race, and the forgery, the Protocols. See this clip, The Truth About Ashkenazi Jews.

Now, Jews that are discriminatory towards Jews of color, or Jews of any darker hue are very ignorant. This issue exists among Muslims and depending on the knowledge of the one dispensing guidance, will highlight and discourage this attitude and exclusion. It is a psychological problem, rather than a concerted conspiratorial effort. Worldwide and historical negative perceptions about dark skin pigment or color are unreasonable and unintelligent.

Are Black Americans the “Real Jews” or genetically connected to the ancient Israelites and the Levant? No; from Western and Central African roots with its own conflicted history and identities based on tribal rivalries. The Africans never looked upon each other as a homogeneous African “race.” Although some of the ancestral lineage of Africans have a genetic connection to the ancient “Middle-East” (found in Haplogroup E M-96), to speak of the Transatlantic slaves, Natives and Latin Americans as part of the myth of the ten lost tribes, or as being the “Real Jews”? No.

Were Jews slaveholders? There existed Jewish plantation communities, merchants, and slaveholders, like the Jodensavanne (“Jewish Savannah”) of Suriname (South America), a number of wealthy Jews in European Caribbean colonies, and a small population of Jewish families in the cities of South Carolina (Charleston), Georgia (Savannah) and Virginia (Richmond). Keep in context, concerning the Dutch colony of Suriname, the collective scapegoating of the Spanish to deliberately paint the Jewish refugees as fostering Dutch commercial expansion. Such Jews were not known to be primary owners of slave fleets. Jews in these positions, despite majority of Jews populating urban-settings and not accumulating rural properties and plantations, had therefore a very minor role in brokering the sale of slaves in the Americas. There was the prominent anti-abolitionist Whig who believed that slaveholding was a constitutional right. Born to Sephardic Jewish parents, a Secretary of State of the Confederate Government and first openly Jewish person to serve as a Confederate Cabinet member. This was a man by the name of Judah Philip Benjamin. It is said, his views later changed, as he argued, that slaves should be allowed to enlist in the Confederacy, fight in the war and win their freedoms. What of Isaac Adolphe Cremieux who was a Jew and became the Minister of France, who abolished slavery in 1848 among all the French colonies? The facts do not show a straight line, as many wish it to, but it’s clever within the historical contexts, for Spain and the White American colonists to scapegoat the Jews and get the slaves to hate them too. The history rather of Jewish involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade should be defined as a conflict of alternative participation, coopt and resistance. The statement alleged by the Nation of Islam and the Ku Klux Klan, that the “Jews dominated the slave trade,” were the “chief financiers,” or “played a disproportionate role in the slave trade” is false and has never been backed up by the “irrefutable evidence” as once claimed in the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. There is a total of 27 out of 70,000 major slave owners in the Transatlantic slave trade, that were Jews. There were thousands of New World Black people emancipated or descended from freed slaves, that owned slaves and became slaveholding farmers. Many groups like the Arabs, Berbers, Italians, Portuguese voyagers, and more perfected and participated in the trans-Saharan slave system,’ bartering slaves and recruiting captives by various sophisticated means of servitude tribes and kingdoms were already accustomed to.

What are your views on the “Black Hebrew Israelites”? It is answered in the above question, “Are Black Americans the “Real Jews” or genetically connected to the ancient Israelites.” You must know or be able to identify what type of group propagating this particularly Israelism (see British Israelism) is. They are not a monolithic group, though this fact is also a clever ploy to divert critique. If you are untrained in how cults function, or in debate and theology (apologetics and sophistry) as Allen Parr explains, it is difficult to debate a zealot, that strategically highlights and note-posts hundreds of pages of the Bible in preparation for you. They are very noticeably animated when ready to debate, treating the act of debate itself like a “rap battle” or sport. Depending on the group, or camp, in terms of Divine Authority, some adhere to only Torah, others to the Bible (removing the Apocrypha), sole focus on King James Version, the Bible with Apocrypha, Bible (excluding Paul’s letters), or sole focus on Old Testament Laws. Jesus is regarded as having perfectly fulfilled the “Old Testament” Law. The group I’ve interacted with, e.g., preached exactly, that “a vengeful black Jesus would soon return to earth to kill or enslave all whites,” as argued in History of Hebrew Israelism. This is the end of all conversation for me, particularly because of my Buddhist leanings. Deuteronomy 28:15–68 and Leviticus 26 are verses in the Torah detailing curses (called the “Tochacha”) that will befall the “Children of Israel.”

The Black Hebrew Israelite narrative is that the Africans are Hamites that sold the Shemites (which they interpret to be the Transatlantic slaves) into slavery.

Furthermore, the Black Hebrew Israelites use Deuteronomy 28:41, 65, 68 as proof that they, or Black Americans are descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel by interpreting the curses as referencing the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This verse, misinterpreted by the Hebrew Israelites states, how the Lord will bring the Children of Israel back to מִצְרַ֘יִם֘ in ships. This is a reference to Upper and Lower Egypt (Mitzrayim), but the Hebrew Israelites translates מִצְרַ֘יִם֘ as “bondage” and represents Babylon as America. They read the scriptural literature as Christians oft do—as perfect, as if it could not contain nonsense, wrongdoing, nor be seen as mythology, but as history, as the “Word of God.” It is the “Word of Men,” apparently with daddy issues. If the verses referring to the chastisements (or Tochacha) are read entirely, it contradicts the Black Hebrew Israelite claims, though they claim when they lay on you a barrage of displaced verses, that if you read Deuteronomy fully, it prophesies the slaves in the Transatlantic slave trade. This is among several inconvenient technicalities, that come from a lack of historical and verse context regarding the Jewish Wars and Tochacha. Jewish world population roughly stands at 15.2%. The African diaspora, from the Caribbeans, to India, to South America and North America number well beyond the 2% of Jews in the U.S., not including Africa itself.

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