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Tag: Occultism

“The Forlorn Hope” Letter, 1882.

“The Forlorn Hope,”‡. Received in Allahabad, Feb., 1882. “One or two of us hoped that the world had so far advanced intellectually, if not intuitionally, that the Occult doctrine might […]

Sweeney Todd: “Worst Pies in London”

Theosophical Movement is like this pie shop today. It’s a perfect allusion. You’re the customer! It’s like fixing up a good slop of pies [bad philosophy and science]. We will […]

Satanic Panic Returns: Marina Abramovic

Written during the John Podesta Leak Controversy. Many people are no longer convinced that Marina Abramović is merely a performance artist. Marina Abramović actually knows about the ideas of ‘occult […]