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The Difficult Jargon of Occultists and the Graeco-Latin Terminology of Scientists

“These sciences are, and have been for ages, hidden from the vulgar, for the very good reason that they would never be appreciated by the selfish educated classes, who would misuse them for their own profit, and thus turn the Divine science into black magic, nor by the uneducated, who would not understand them. It is often brought forward as an accusation against the Esoteric Philosophy of the Kabbala, that its literature is full of “a barbarous and meaningless jargon,” unintelligible to the ordinary mind. But do not exact Sciences — medicine, physiology, chemistry, and the rest — plead guilty to the same impeachment? Do not official scientists veil their facts and discoveries with a newly-coined and most barbarous Graeco-Latin terminology?”

—Blavatsky, H.P., “OCCULT SCIENCES,” The Key to Theosophy – Glossary

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