A Gem from ‘Poemandres’ and ‘Corinthians’

A man says in the Poemandres: “Upon a time while my mind was meditating on the things that are, my thought was raised to a great height, while the physical senses of my body were held back—just as are the senses of men who are heavy with sleep after a large meal, or from fatigue Continue reading A Gem from ‘Poemandres’ and ‘Corinthians’

The Manifestation of Divine Light

“But All-Father Mind, being Life and Light, did bring forth Man (Ἄνθρωπον) co-equal to Himself.” (Pœmandres treatise) “This Man or Anthrōpos is the Spiritual Prototype of humanity and of every individual man, and is a technical term found in a number of the early Christianised Gnostic systems” (G.R.S. Mead). “So says the Zoroastrian: I hold Continue reading The Manifestation of Divine Light