The Spanish Alumbrados: Origin of the Term ‘Illuminati’

def. Illuminati Helena P. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary (published in 1892), references the term “Illuminati” and defines it, from Latin, as a reference to the “Enlightened,” or the initiated adepts† (Lat. adeptus. “an expert”). The term is the past participle of illuminare, meaning to “light up,” or “illuminate.” The […]


‘The snub-nosed Saxons’ [Borderland Magazine, 1894]

THE SNUB-NOSED SAXONS Borderland Magazine, October 15th, 1894 tribute highlights influence of Blavatsky in the successful periods of the theosophical movement on the cultural milieu. In The Mahatma Letters, we often find interesting insights into the interaction between two different cultures and people, the Anglo, or […]

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