The Spanish Alumbrados: Origin of the Term ‘Illuminati’

def. Illuminati Helena P. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary (published in 1892), references the term “Illuminati” and defines it, from Latin, as a reference to the “Enlightened,” or the initiated adepts† (Lat. adeptus. “an expert”). The term is the past participle of illuminare, meaning to “light up,” or “illuminate.” The […]


Republicanism and Mazzini in the Age of Nationalism

Thoughts on Mazzini, Nationalism, & the Republican Cause Concerning the old Republican Cause as a global idea and over-arching Philosophical and Utopian Vision for the advancement of Civilization and Nationalism—nationalism we are all told in our introductory classes to political science is a modern “idea” […]

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