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Dalai Lama: ‘More Evil in the World than expected by Lamas of Tibet’

Dalai Lama Interview in 1961 with theosophist Ragavhan Iyer to take into account:

“We must not expect things to happen exactly in the order that we might formulate in our own minds. He stressed that we were really at the beginning of a process that was going to take quite some time, that there was now even more evil in the world than had been expected by the wise Lamas of Tibet. When he said this, he gave me the impression that all the time the initiates with whom he was connected had to come to terms with human free-will, and could not in advance lay down any limits to the depths of human degradation in this dark age.” (Ragavhan Iyer, My Talk with the Dalai Lama, 1961)

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